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Do puggles need to be groomed?

The puggle is one of the cutest dogs. They were bred for only one purpose – to be human companions. puggles adore their owners, become their little shadows, and happily follow them from room to room. Some people may feel that they need too much help because they really want more attention. They get along well with other pets, but their humans are their best friends. No matter how bad your day is, just look at that wrinkled puggle cup and you’ll get a smile on your face. You always know they’re around because they snore, snore, sneeze and have a stuffy nose, which is part of a unique puggle sound. While some people may find these noises annoying, they are music for puggle enthusiasts.


A puggle loses its hair easily

In terms of grooming, puggles shed their hair easily. For short-haired dogs, puggles need a lot of maintenance. If fluff on your furniture, clothes, or car is a major problem, it won’t be right for your dog. In the salon, we use a rubber curry dog brush to brush their fluff off the ground, and prepare them with a good brush before and after we give them a bath. Most of our puggle customers bring their babies with them every four weeks to help prevent these drops and make them smell fresh and clean. Because puggles like to cuddle up on the couch, in bed next to you, they do need to bathe regularly.

Don’t shave puggles

In fact, shaving your puggle is a big taboo. That pair of coats can protect them from heat and cold. If you live in cold winter, your puggle needs a warm coat. They also don’t tolerate heat and humidity very well. In fact, they should be left unattended indoors. As their faces are squeezed and their noses shorten, they are prone to breathing problems, especially if they overwork in warm weather, which can lead to life-threatening heatstroke.

You should bathe your puggle regularly

Between visits to a beautician, you need to brush your puggle regularly to minimize shedding. Their facial wrinkles should be cleaned once a week to maintain a fresh odor and prevent skin irritation and scab around the corners of the eyes. You can do it with pet wipes, baby wipes, or wet cotton balls, but don’t let any detergent get into their eyes.
Because those big and beautiful eyes do stand out, they are vulnerable to injury. If you bathe your baby at home, don’t put shampoo in it. Use gentle dog shampoo and fresh conditioner to keep your puggle close. You can also give them a little polish to add luster as a final touch up. When you’re jogging, don’t expect your puggle to catch a Frisbee or run with you. If you are a very active outdoor person, a puggle may not be your pet. They’re very active and have a short burst of energy when they play, and they really like to walk around the block. Their nails need to be trimmed once a month because these little guys don’t wear their nails by running on the sidewalk. Some people’s anal sacs are easily filled, so they need to be emptied every time they take a shower. This housework can be done by your beautician, veterinarian, or yourself if you are taught how to bathe safely and correctly.


Make sure puggles get enough sleep

Puggles like a good life with plenty of sleep and food, so you have to be careful not to overfeed them because they are prone to overweight. On the bright side, puggles are cute dogs, relatively clean, and get along well with children, they are taught not to be rough with them, travel very well, don’t yell or be too aggressive, and get along well with most other animals, especially other dogs.