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Do puggles have separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety refers to the painful reaction of a puggle at home alone. It’s not just that a puggle just misses its owner, but it includes an overwhelming sense of isolation that can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but ultimately damage the puggle’s emotional and physical health. As a host, you may feel helpless when you see your puggle struggling to cope with your absence. However, there are many things you can do to help your dog stay calm and calm when you are not at home.


Signs of separation anxiety in puggles

Most of a puggle’s experience occurs when the owner is not at home, so it’s hard to know exactly what the dog or puppy is going through. However, when a dog feels its owner is leaving, anxiety begins to spread. When used alone, one or more of the following behaviors usually occur:
(1) Whimpering or barking – this can be excessive for some dogs until they are completely exhausted and only to start over once they rest.
(2) Destructive chewing – this is usually a self consolation technique.
(3) Self-licking – some dogs are obsessed with licking their paws or other easily accessible parts of the body, also as a self consolation technique.
(4) Depression – dogs not only feel sad when their owners are not around but even after they are reunited; some puggles have difficulty “bouncing back” after a period of anxiety.
(5) Panic behavior – dogs may jump into walls or other objects. If this happens, it usually happens a few hours after isolation.
Irritability – there may be compulsive pacing or other repetitive behavior.
Excessive drooling pressure and increased heart rate can cause this. These behaviors may change over time. For example, a puggle may be very upset when alone, but it can turn into depression and vice versa.


How to help puggles stay at home alone?

If you wake up with little time to get ready and then rush out of the house, there is no doubt that your puggle will feel the atmosphere and feel the same pressure as you. Moreover, if the energy consumption is not well released, you will put your puggle in a state of embarrassment and restlessness.
So get up early and get ready in a calm way, and before you leave, have time to take your puggle out and walk for 20 minutes. If you also have time for your puggle to participate in a short game, it can only be beneficial. If your puggle has separation anxiety, the last thing you want to do is to leave your dog alone in a large room or hang out in the house, which will only aggravate loneliness. Our goal is to create a “nest” that is considered safe by canines to hold everything your puggle needs to stay comfortable, relaxed and inhabited.