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Do puggles have health problems?

You need to take care of your puggle and make sure she stays healthy and adventurous all her life. All dogs may have health problems from time to time. Knowing the specific risks your dog may face can help you keep your pet feeling good. First of all, it’s important to discuss some health problems that puggles are not as likely to occur as expected. Although one of the parents is a puggle, these dogs don’t have as many respiratory problems as a puggle because they have longer noses. They also have deeper eye sockets, eliminating many of the problems with the puggle’s eyes and fewer skin problems. Suppose they are all healthy hybrids. In fact, many hybrid puppies have better health than many purebred puppies, although this may vary from litter to litter. In order to find a healthy puggle, you need to choose it very carefully.


Find a proper kennel

Many puggle breeders are very reputable and responsible breeders who take care to ensure that the parents of their pups are healthy, have a good temperament and history. In fact, most breeders are very concerned about raising healthy young. To make sure your dog is healthy, you should interview the breeder to find out where their breeding stock comes from and check the health history of your dog’s parents. If possible, check with the breeder before buying a puppy to find out where your puppy comes from.

Vaccines for puggles are important

Whenever possible, avoid buying a puggle from a pet store or someone else, unless you are a reputable breeder. If you do buy a puppy from a pet store, be sure to pay attention to her health. When you take her home, you need to have a full health check-up by your veterinarian immediately and pay attention to any signs of infection or severe treatment like a dog.

Keep the puggle healthy

Once you have your puggle safely at home, you’ve vaccinated him, and is in good health, you need to keep him healthy and work with her veterinarian to keep him healthy. The most important thing you can do is to protect your puggle’s health from the start. Once your puggle is vaccinated, you need to continue to do it once a year, of course. Heartworm drugs should be prescribed once a month and can be prescribed by your veterinarian. You should also make sure your dog is flea protected, especially if you let her out.


Prevention of injury or poisoning of puggles

Keeping your puggle healthy is mainly to prevent injury and poisoning. Once your dog starts to be healthy, she is likely to stay healthy if she can. Baby protection, or your home, is essential to keep your pet healthy. Like the well-known toddler, your new baby is very curious and easy to get into trouble. Fortunately, you need to ensure the safety of your pet at home, mainly to ensure that there is nothing on the floor that will choke or poison your dog if swallowed, make sure your dog does not climb up or fall down, and keep the spills of harmful substances, including detergents, clean up. When it comes to keeping your dog healthy and communicating with your veterinarian, there are no stupid questions. If you suspect that your dog may need medical attention, call your veterinarian. This, together with regular checks, will help ensure the safety of your pet.