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Do Papillon dogs shed a lot?

We all know that hair loss is a normal process in Papillons’ life to get rid of old and dead hair. This process ensures the life cycle of the hair. Unless you have a hairless dog, you have to deal with the problem of hair removal. The amount of Papillon shedding depends on many different factors, such as dog breed, climate, health and dog diet. The breed determines the type of dog’s fur, which plays an important role in the amount of shedding.


The depilation degree of Papillons is low

The shedding of Papillons is mainly on the light side, but can be more in some dogs. The number of Papillons shedding depends on various factors, such as climate, diet and health. So, it’s possible that one Papillons shedding is average, while the other one shedding is very light, which depends entirely on the individual.

Papillon is a single coat dog breed

Unlike dogs with double coat, Papillon is bound to shed less. The Papillons shed twice a year and moderately slightly throughout the year. Some owners may not even notice the shedding outside the season.

Shedding of puppies

Puppies are born with a thin coat. This coat is suitable for them when they are young, but they need to change it before they grow up. At the age of seven to eight months, a small Papillons dog starts to take off its little coat. You may notice some moderate shedding during this period. Once the baby’s coat is gone, the adult dog’s coat begins to appear. We should be patient because it is not a fast process. At about 15 months of age, the papillae fall off again to obtain the final appearance of the adult papillon fur.
Remember, the molting time of each Papillon is different. Some Papillons may take off their fur earlier than expected, and some dogs may not take off until 12 months old. Buy a Papillon.


Understand the hair growth cycle of Papillons

To understand the hair loss of Papillons, you have to understand the life cycle of hair. This life cycle occurs in every dog breed, including the Papillons. The process of losing withered hair is called shedding. This shedding may be due to several reasons, including seasonal changes and the end of hair life.
In most cases, the hair shedding process of Papillons is normal, and you don’t have to worry about it at all. Dogs who spend time outside and inside have a better understanding of the season and temperature. This is why they shed a lot in spring and autumn due to temperature changes. In this way, they are ready for the coming season. Nowadays, people only keep their dogs indoors and seldom go out. The dogs lost their knowledge of the seasons and may shed moderately throughout the year. Unless you see some hair loss and abnormal shedding in your Papillons, everything is fine. If you see hair falling off your skin, it may be because of your physical condition, in which case you have to see a veterinarian. Papillon is a single coated dog. Double coated dogs are easy to shed, and if you have Papillons, shedding makes a big difference. A furred dog has no hair that plays an important role in shedding. Only a layer of Papillons like dog has protective hair, not inner hair. Papillons have a long cycle of hair life, which leads to less shedding. Single coated dogs may need to wear warm clothes in bad weather and winter, because Papillons don’t have a double coat to protect them. On the plus side, Papillons are easier to handle because there is less shedding.