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Do mountain curs make good pets?

Is mountain cur a good family pet? In the right circumstances and in the right family, yes. Mountain cur is the most loyal, trustworthy, diligent, protective and loving dog you will encounter. These dogs protect their “family” with their lives, so mountain cur is a good pet!

Exercise makes mountain cur a good pet

But you need to make sure that you can provide mount cur with all the exercise, training and company they need. Mountain cur is not a traditional pet, it does need to work. This includes being with people 24 hours a day and having a suitable job to do, which ensures that mountain cur is a good pet. Mountain cur is a basically healthy dog breed. There are only a few genetic based health conditions that plague so many purebred dog lineages. So if you can provide enough structure, training, activity and interaction for your mountain cur, we will say yes, mountain cur can be a good pet! You will have every reason to look forward to a long, loving and wonderful life with your new pet mountain cur.

Mountain cur needs outdoor activities to make it a good pet

Born and raised outdoors, mountain cur likes to stay outdoors. She will not perform well in the apartment environment. A house with a spacious garden is the most suitable for her, which provides the material basis for mountain cur to become a good pet.

It will protect you with life and show that mountain cur is a good pet

We’ve determined how these mountain curs become good watchdog dogs because they are protective and loyal. They don’t make too much noise, so when there’s an imminent threat, it’s a surprise, defend against Coyote attacks. Mountain cur is a high-energy dog, which needs at least one hour of strenuous exercise every day, whether it is walking with a belt or not, running and playing in the park. She’s also a good jogging partner, so you can work out with her, which makes the mountain cur a good pet. The fearlessness and loyalty of mountain cur to its owner are indomitable. Mountain cur has saved the family from the attack of many wild animals, and even injured in the process. Mountain cur is indeed fortunate to have strong loyalty and courage, and often has a strong connection with his family. The loyalty of mountain cur makes him a good pet. She is gentle and loving, especially when she is with children, and she will protect you from any danger that may come to you.

Mountain cur is the guarantee of high intelligence, which make Mountain cur can be a good pet

She’s very smart. She can quickly learn to command, which makes it easy for them to train.
Because she’s smart and boring, too much repetition will shift her attention to more interesting things. Try to keep the conversation short and diverse, and use a lot of positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcement of mountain cur is a good pet. Mountain cur puppies need a firm, confident leader who is in control. If you don’t take her stand, mountain cur will be happy to play the role of team leader, which will lead to unnecessary behavior. Mountain cur is a super smart dog and can be a bit stubborn at times. They don’t respond well to any form of shouting or punishment. It’s very important that you don’t get upset with them. You should use short, positive training courses to achieve the best results. Using positive reinforcement and maintaining a firm and consistent approach will ensure that your dog will learn. Buy a Mountain cur.

Socialization is important for mountain cur to be a good pet

Socialization is very important for mountain cur. They are not naturally aggressive dogs, but they may become protective family members. When mountain cur is a puppy, it is necessary to let them communicate with many different people, so as to reduce the risk of becoming aggressive to strangers, which makes mountain cur a good pet. This socialization will not eliminate their innate protective instinct – it will only teach them when and where protective behavior is appropriate. If you want this mountain cur to be your companion, good luck! The will is strong and brave. This behavior may be aggressive, but the dogs are just protecting their families. Mountain cur is reserved for strangers, which makes it an excellent pet. These dogs have a group mentality and are friendly to people they know. As long as mountain cur is sure that their family is safe with you, you will be recognized by mountain cur and mountain cur will become a good pet.