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Do mountain cur dogs shed?

Does mount cur shed hair? Yes, Mount cur will lose hair twice a year! Moutain cur shed once every six months in autumn and spring. Brush short hair at least once a week to reduce shedding and keep the hair clean and healthy. You’d better remove loose hair with a peeling blade or a rubber curry brush to reduce the amount of hair lost by mountain cur.

Hair shed degree of mountain cur

Moutain cur hair shed is relatively small, but it is easy to appear hair loss phenomenon in the hair changing season or when the season changes. The owner should pay attention to the combing of the dog’s hair, and it is best to help the dog trim regularly. What are the ways to deal with moutain cur hair loss? You only bathe these moutain curs when necessary, because frequent bathing will dry the skin of moutain cur and may lead to other health problems. Be sure to use a shampoo that is safe for dogs. This shampoo is gentle on your pet’s skin. You trim your mountain cur nails once a month or as needed (usually when you hear them scratching on the floor). Mountain curs that spend a long time outdoors may not actually need to have their nails cut because the ground will naturally wear out their nails.

How to reduce hair shed of mountain cur?


Moutain cur hair shed degree is relatively light, less hair loss or no hair loss at all. But moutain cur will lose hair seasonally.
Methods to reduce moutain cur hair shed:

  1. Trim the hair of mountain cur to prevent it from sheding
    When you trim the mountain cur, do not cut the dog’s skin. The dog’s skin is not elastic and loose. When you pull up the coat for trimming, you will cut the skin carelessly. Mountain cur will escape or hate trimming the coat in the future based on its injured experience. Therefore, when shearing, especially when the hair is cut for a short time, the scissors must be parallel to the skin. If the scissors are cut against the hair direction or from bottom to top, it is not easy to cut the skin. Regular hair pruning can prevent more hair from falling from the mountain cur. Buy a Mountain cur.
  2. Human induced moutain cur hair loss
    Moutain cur changes its hair during growing up. Moutain cur will lose its fetal hair during the transition from puppies to adult dogs. It happens about three or four months ago. We can comb more hair for moutain cur and choose a bath for dogs, which can prevent moutain cur from losing its hair. If mountain cur has folliculitis or eczema, or has a large number of dog lice and fleas, it will also cause a large number of hair removal. Because of severe itching, dog moutain cur will scratch and pull the fur with its claws and teeth, and will also scratch and remove a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find out the reason first, and consult the relevant doctors or experienced people to suit the right medicine. Hair loss caused by human factors: many families use adult soap or shampoo, and even use washing powder or detergent to bathe mountain cur. Because the skin of mountain cur tends to be medium-sized, and the detergent for adults is relatively alkaline compared with the skin of dogs, which causes the skin of mountain cur to be dry and itchy, which provides opportunities for mites, bacteria and fungi to form skin diseases and eventually lead to hair loss of mountain cur. In addition, too much bath on the skin secretion of normal protective substances damage. Therefore, it is suggested that mountain cur should use the dog’s special washing products, the frequency of bathing should not be too frequent, and should be reasonably controlled. The growth of mountain cur was also affected by natural environment such as sunlight and temperature. If the dog can not be exposed to sunlight for a long time and is kept indoors for a long time, it will also cause slight depilation throughout the year.