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Do Maltese dogs shed?

A Maltese dog will “shed” all year round. However, when the temperature begins to rise in spring, they may experience slight shedding. In theory, dogs keep a lot of hair in winter. They need fur to keep warm in cooler seasons. However, once spring comes, dogs tend to shed a lot of hair in preparation for warmer summer temperatures.
For dogs, there is still a significant increase in the number of single coat on the dog. What we need to know is that the Maltese have only one coat. Like almost all dogs, the shedding of hair in Maltese dogs is cyclical and has many different stages. All dogs go through the same phase. However, the time spent by Maltese dogs at each stage is quite different from that of over depilated dogs.


1. Growth period

The first stage of the hair growth cycle is the growth period. This is when new hair begins to grow. During the growing season, the Maltese dog’s hair grows completely, which is determined by the length of the gene.

2. Transitional period

Sooner or later, the hair follicles on dogs will stop growing. At the end of the growth phase, the transition phase has begun. Then the coat shrinks and the hair begins to fall. We call it shedding.

3. Rest period

This is an uncertain stage for your Maltese. In the resting period, the hair stops growing and does not fall off. At the same time, new hair begins to grow in the first stage of growth, and so forth.


4. Abscission period

Finally, the Maltese dog’s hair falls off at the final stage. In addition, new hair that grows at the same time is ready and taken over. The amount of time spent at each stage varies from breed to breed. However, according to this growth cycle, Maltese dogs are much longer in the growth phase (growth phase).
Generally speaking, all dogs with less hair loss (hypoallergenic dogs) spend more time in the first stage.

A beautiful coat is the unique feature of a Maltese dog, so the daily care of its coat is very important. Usually, the owner should have half an hour to comb his whole body fur every day. It is sometimes used in the same way as the baby’s hair. Don’t damage the dog’s coat when combing. Whitecoat is one of the characteristics of the Maltese dog, so the owner should often bathe the dog to keep the coat clean and clean. Generally, the owner should bathe the dog once a week or 1-2 weeks. Bath agents can choose pet shampoo or human hair conditioner. When the dog’s hair is yellow, the owner can use a shampoo containing more lanolin to bleach it. After the dog has taken a bath, the owner should immediately dry the coat with an electric hairdryer, and comb it while blowing to prevent the coat from intertwined.