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Do Maltese dogs bark a lot?

If you want a white fur dog, cute and beautiful, the Maltese may be your best choice. But sometimes, these fluffy white balls may bark, which is how they express their views with their shrill calls.


Lonely barking

This Maltese dog, once a pet of the upper class, likes to be noticed and easily gets upset when alone for more than a few hours. Maltese dogs are more eager to get a lot of company than other breeds of dogs and may be prone to separation anxiety. Therefore, when your Maltese is left alone, he may whine, whine, and bark to express his unhappiness. To prevent this, make sure your dog is used to the short-term absence of its owner since childhood.

A terrible bark

Because the Maltese dogs are quick to alert every new sight and sound, you need to spend enough time socializing your dog. Those who come into contact with different people, different scenes, different voices, and different experiences in the process of short-term socialization are more likely to accept new things and grow into fully developed dogs. However, you need to take time, because once the pup is 16 weeks old, this short socialization process will close down.

The bark of demand

Maltese dog puppies are the most lovely and happy. It is easy to treat them as helpless babies. However, doting and overindulgence of this breed may lead to an over-dependent, insecure, nagging child. As a result, you may end up with a puppy that barks at you constantly to demand your attention and becomes overprotective of you. So you need to do your best to train your puppies, as you would expect from a big dog, to use reward-based techniques from an early age.


Attract the owner’s attention

In many cases, the barking may be the way she draws your attention. The dog may want to tell you it’s time to go to the bathroom, or she may be thirsty or hungry, too hot or too cold. Don’t be confused by the noble dog’s appearance. Maltese dogs like sports and walking. It’s true that a tired dog will be good. It’s just that we don’t let the dog exercise too much, otherwise, the bones of your Maltese dog will not be able to bear it. We can wait until the Maltese are eight months old.

Through training to keep Maltese quiet

Fortunately, with a little training, the owner can control the excessive and annoying barking of a Maltese dog. The owner must make sure that the dog is rewarded if he keeps quiet. We should ignore the Maltese when it barks and rewards it immediately when it is quiet. When the Maltese dog knows that he can only get snacks by keeping quiet, it will gradually accept the training method of the owner. Then the owner will gradually extend the dog’s quiet time before receiving the reward, and then add some interference factors into it.