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Do Japanese Spitz like to cuddle?

Japanese Spitz loves cuddles. It has something to do with their social history. Through hugs, they warm themselves and show love and affection. There is a right and wrong way to show your Japanese Spitz that you love him. Hugging can make Japanese Spitz more affectionate to you. Hugs should come from your Japanese Spitz. If you try to force it, it may have the opposite effect.


Why does Japanese Spitz like hugging?

If you have a lot of love to give, you can’t be wrong with Japanese Spitz. They are more and more attached to their caretakers and show their eagerness for attention and care without hesitation. Last but not least, Japanese Spitz can read human emotions. They can feel when something’s wrong, whether you’re suffering physically or mentally. If your Japanese Spitz notices you’re down, they’ll cuddle up there. Or they’ll give you a toy to distract you. That’s how they show concern for you.

Do Japanese Spitz like to cuddle together?

They may lie on the pillow next to you, under the blanket with their backs close to your back. Or they may just be lying next to the chair or sofa you’re sitting on. They also like to cuddle up to you in your chair. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

Why don’t some Japanese Spitz like hugging?

This may surprise you, but not all Japanese Spitz like cuddles. There are many reasons for this.
(1) The connection between the Pomeranians and their hosts is weak
This can be seen in both puppies and adult dogs. If your Japanese Spitz has little or no interest in playing. Don’t come when you’re on the phone or on command. I won’t make eye contact with you. Don’t let you touch or hug him. It can’t be on your lap. Trying to escape when caught. Show aggression by showing your teeth or growling.
(2) Japanese Spitz likes his personal space, not his physical intimacy
Dogs are individuals just like people. Remember, from time to time there are some exceptions from Japanese Spitz, so you can expect. If you’re all on the couch with your Japanese Spitz, but he’s on the other end, he’s still close to you. But maybe it’s the most comfortable way for him to feel, it’s probably too close now.

(3) Your Japanese Spitz may feel anxious when you try to hug him
Your Japanese Spitz may feel limited when you try to hug him. Japanese Spitz likes to run freely and protect you. But if you want him to hold you, he can’t do both. This may lead to anxiety. If you notice your Japanese Spitz turning his head in the opposite direction, licking his lips or yawning, it may be a sign that he is using comfort signals to reduce the level of anxiety. You’d better not hold it.
(4) Your Japanese Spitz has personality. Hugging may not be his business
It could be part of their personality. Or they may just go through a stage and eventually grow. It also depends on whether Japanese Spitz is taught to hug like a dog.
(5) Your hug is too rough
If you play too rough, or hold your Japanese Spitz too hard, he may not like it. Try not to scratch his ass, touch his belly. You should let Japanese Spitz come to you and don’t overpower him with excitement.