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Do Japanese Chins need to have haircuts?

Do Japanese Chins need to have haircuts? The fur of a Japanese Chins is totally different from that of a mini plain, Dalmatian, Samoyed, or cocker spaniel. Chin is good for dogs, but it’s not necessary for dogs.

The history of Japanese Chins

Japanese Chins are puppies from China, not from Japan, although they are also popular in Japan, hence their name. These Japanese Chins were developed into companion dogs for Royal and social women. Japanese Chins generally grows to 8 to 11 inches and weighs between 4 and 15 pounds. They have an overall character of intelligence, loyalty, and happiness. They like to cuddle up to their hosts, and they like to play games full of energy. The average life span of the Japanese Chin is between 14 and 16 years old.


The fur of Japanese Chins

Japanese Chin is one of their most prominent features. Their appearance is long, smooth and luxurious. Their monolayer fur is straight and appears in many different color schemes, especially white and black with beige, white and red.

Fur protection of Japanese Chins

Although Japanese Chins’ coat is not too hard to keep. Their fur is not particularly easy to knot. Japanese Chins is usually brushed once or twice a week to make sure the fur is visually lovely. Choose a needle brush to decorate your Japanese Chin. When Japanese Chins’ hair falls off, you need to give it extra bristles to help remove loose hair. The shedding of female Japanese Chins is often heavier than that of male Japanese Chins. Like most other dogs, the occasional bath can keep Japanese Chins fresh and clean – once a month or less, for example; but if your Japanese China accidentally gets greasy on his long fur, you can give him a bath immediately without the risk of drying his fur.


Japanese Chins doesn’t need a haircut

Japanese Chin doesn’t need a haircut. However, it is also important to trim the fur under the big eyes and the toenails under the Japanese Chin regularly. Japanese Chins of this breed doesn’t need any pruning at all except to trim the fur of this area.