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Do Italian greyhounds need a lot of exercise?

Every Italian Greyhound needs a different amount of exercise. Italian Greyhound puppies have a lot of energy to burn, while older Italian Greyhound puppies may prefer to lie there all day and only get one or two bursts of energy a day. Other Italian Greyhound may need more regular exercise. Here are some ideas on how to keep your Italian Greyhound healthy. After all, the Italian Greyhound who can keep exercising is a good dog!


Should we let Greyhound walk or run?

The energetic Italian Greyhound may be a good walking or running partner. Walking every day is one of the best ways to keep your Ig happy and healthy, not to mention consuming excess energy.

Take Greyhound to the park

For Italian Greyhound owners in limited activities, taking Italian Greyhound to the park may be a good alternative exercise, but only if the park has a separate area for large and small dogs. Because Italian Greyhound legs are easy to break, they should never be trusted in a dog park where big dogs and small dogs are mixed together, even if you are nearby. Many Italian greyhounds are easily frightened. An excited golden retriever or other large breeds of dog may be too nervous or may hurt an Italian Greyhound.

Obedience of Italian Greyhound

Learning obedience with an Italian Greyhound can help them learn to be good citizens and guide their barbarism with a positive attitude. Obedience exercises not only their bodies but also their minds. Most cities, large and small, have dog trainers or dog clubs to help teach basic dog training skills and even compete in more advanced dog training events.

The agility of Italian Greyhound

For the truly ambitious and active Italian Greyhound and owner, agility is an interesting and fascinating activity, allowing the dog to run through pipes, jump and weave through poles, and through other obstacles in the agile process. Clubs exist across the country and around the world to help teach basic agility courses for dog and owner pairing. However, to really master this activity, it really needs a lot of spare time and dedication every day.


Bait flight of Italian Greyhound

The event is Italian Greyhound may really enjoy because they are a sight, especially those Italian greyhounds with high prey drive. It uses its instincts to chase things. During the luring process, a mechanical device on a rope is used to attract and induce the dog to chase the equipment in the whole process. It’s a good exercise for dogs, because the device allows them to move around corners and straight lines throughout the run.

Disc training of Italian Greyhound

Watching the flying saucer in this high flying race, the dogs get to grab a disc and show their jumping ability. High energy dogs may like to compete in the CD, rescue dogs can take part in and enjoy this activity!

Odor tracking of Italian Greyhound

Who says hounds are the only dogs that can track odors? Believe it or not, the Italian Greyhound is involved in tracking events and can do so quite successfully. It’s a great way for an Italian Greyhound to join their people in an activity to get some fresh air and exercise. Unlike dogs competing with other dogs, these dogs only have the chance to pass or fail because of their efforts in tracking human odors, while human odors are left behind in different periods of time.