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Do Italian Greyhounds like to cuddle?

Do Italian Greyhound like a cuddle? Most Italian Greyhound will agree that you don’t need a reason to hug your dog. Italian Greyhound’s gaze and nose are enough to melt any dog’s heart. However, hugging and stroking your furry best friend does help. Your Italian Greyhound needs you. If science has proved one thing about animal behavior, it is that domesticated mammals are more like us than we think – just like ordinary people, they need the touch and connection of their bodies to be happy. Yes, dogs get depressed – like humans, they’re social animals. Isolate a dog, you will bring unnecessary and dangerous emotional stress to it.


Italian Greyhound will establish a relationship with you

Studies have shown that when you interact with your Italian Greyhound, oxytocin levels in your blood and those of your pet increase. Oxytocin, known as the “love hormone”, is released by the body in social interaction, and social interaction is particularly important for the establishment of interpersonal relationships, such as between a mother and her nursing child, or between a couple who love each other. Other domestic animals also showed an increase in oxytocin levels during positive interactions, but dogs have special connections with their respective humans.

Cuddling with your Italian Greyhound can relieve stress

Hugging your dog is not only good for your pet, it’s also good for you. When oxytocin is released, cortisol levels drop, and after a period of touching and hugging, the heart rate calms down. Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone, used to produce metabolism, help you deal with the “hostile” environment, regulate your body, but excessive will lead to body collapse.

Cuddling with your Italian Greyhound can reduce the risk of stroke

If you give yourself more time to relax, you reduce your risk of stroke. Stroke is when your brain’s blood and oxygen supply are dangerously limited, it can occur for many reasons, from vasoconstriction to bleeding. Hugging your dog – or anyone you love – can help you avoid a stroke. Be sure to include laughter and healthy, delicious food doses.

Cuddling with your Italian Greyhound can overcome depression.

Oxytocin and increased social interaction levels are negatively correlated with depression, along with serotonin, dopamine and all the other cute brain cocktails that make you forget to be depressed and drowsy. Besides, anyone knows that hugging a lovely, loving Italian Greyhound is the best way to cure clinical grief.


Cuddling with your Italian Greyhound can relieve the pain for both of you

Oxytocin, in addition to being a love hormone, is also the key to mammalian childbirth – mothers experience an oxytocin burst during childbirth to relax the uterus and relieve pain. The last part seems to be more effective in some cases than in others – but this biological reasoning is part of why oxytocin is usually the body’s natural way of handling everything from wounds to headaches and cramps. It’s the same with your dog.

Cuddling with your Italian Greyhound can reduce anxiety

Maybe it’s to appease young people. Oxytocin released during touching and hugging can relieve fear and anxiety. When things are too terrible, oxytocin is a good way to help them cope. It’s the opposite of encouraging the dog to show anxiety, but when you hug it, you may think it’s the opposite. Instead, get the dog out of phobia and encourage him to stay calm through touching and treatment.