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Do Great Pyrenees shed a lot?

Hopefully, you’ve done your research before getting a Great Pyrenees, and you know it’s a working breed with a thick double coat. Your Great Pyrenees needs to be depilated a lot. Although there is no panacea to prevent shedding, regular grooming and care can make it bearable.

Step 1

You can use metal rake and comb to remove the mats and tangles from your Pyrenees. Before cleaning, remove as much loose undercoat as possible, usually forming mats around the Pyrenees’ hind legs, long manes and bushy feathered tails, so pay close attention to these areas.

Step 2

You can wash your Pyrenees with a thick coat of white dog shampoo. Generally speaking, this shampoo contains natural conditioner. Rinse his coat thoroughly and wash all the soap out.

Step 3

You can dry your Pyrenees with a few towels. Then blow the coat dry with a hairdryer. Lower the setting and keep it about 12 inches from your dog’s skin to avoid burning her.

Step 4

You comb your Pyrenees with a comb. From the base of his neck to the tail. Rake the sides of his clothes, legs and chest together. This helps to remove his hair.


Step 5

You can brush your Pyrenees with a smoother brush. The outer layer of the animal’s fur is smooth and protected from the rain. Brush his whole body, again paying close attention to the feathers on his thighs and hocks and the thick mane around his neck. Also, remember to take care of the very thick tail of the Pyrenees.

Step 6

You can brush your Great Pyrenees with a comb to remove the rest of your hair. When you brush the Pyrenees, you can use your free hand to examine the dog’s skin and grab the hair that has fallen off. When you brush your teeth in the Pyrenees, remember to wear pet grooming gloves to help remove hair.