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Do Great Pyrenees have anxiety?

For the Great Pyrenees, separation anxiety is a tricky business. You think their house is broken, so leave them in the kitchen when you leave. When you come back, there’s urine on the floor and the cabinets are gnawed. You’re angry, so you decide to keep your dog in the kennel the next time you’re away. Your Great Pyrenees will gnaw in the dog’s den and bark throughout your departure, which annoys the neighbors. When you were poor, you decided to leave your dog out while you were away. Your Great Pyrenees either ran into the yard or ran away.

Has anyone experienced the separation anxiety of the Great Pyrenees?

It is very common for rescue dogs in the Great Pyrenees to have some degree of separation anxiety. Obviously, all dogs experience separation anxiety. This often happens to dogs in shelters because they are confused about being bounced. When we took our first Great Pyrenees out of the shelter, it had a great separation anxiety. The first time he was alone, we decided to keep him at home because we didn’t know how trustworthy he would be. I walked for 20 minutes and he destroyed the box. I also heard from my neighbor that he was crying all the time when I was away. I made a few phone calls to different coaches and came up with a method that I thought would work for him. It also worked for every dog I brought in because they all had separation anxiety. Remember, when you leave, your Great Pyrenees will be very anxious. He doesn’t know when or whether you’ll be back. Always be positive and don’t get angry or angry with your dog. At that time, it didn’t make it easy for me to work. I suggest that when you introduce the new Great Pyrenees, plan a break of one to two weeks.


How to improve separation anxiety in the Great Pyrenees?

Your Pyrenees will begin to whine or bark, and even scratch the door. Keep quiet and stay away from the door, but pay close attention to the sound your dog makes. The second time he came quietly into the door.
Don’t make a fuss about your return to the Great Pyrenees. You can sit on the sofa or do your business. Once your Great Pyrenees calms down from your return, you can give him some much-needed love. The purpose of this is to let your dog know that it’s no big deal coming and going. This is what happened and everything will be OK. You have to repeat it as much as you can throughout the day. It will be a few days before the Great Pyrenees really starts to understand what’s going on. When the Great Pyrenees starts to think of ways, you can gradually increase the time I leave, and the longer you keep him quiet. After about two weeks of practice, separation anxiety in the Great Pyrenees is much better. You can leave home for a few hours without worrying about the devastation of the Great Pyrenees. You will understand that the Great Pyrenees will be happy because he can calm down and relax when you are away.