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Do Great Danes get jealous?

Can a Great Dane dog produce jealousy psychology? The funniest thing is the reaction when the Great Dane envies his brothers and sisters to get all the love. Watch the huge dog start growling and tell everyone he won’t stand it. He’s going to wipe his back, too! You can see how anxious he is, because he seems to collapse, waiting for his turn for all the love.


Great Dane is jealous

Jealousy can affect anyone. Even our pet Great Dane is sometimes attacked by green-eyed monsters. They are jealous of many of the same things – their best friends are with other people. Your big Dane may be very jealous of your new puppy. He hated the little dog and got more attention from his owner than he did. Great Dane is not alone. If human best friends show more attention to others than they do, all dogs will be a little jealous.


Make the Great Danes restless

When the owner picks up a new puppy, the Great Dane is obviously upset. He immediately began to roar, as if to warn the owner not to ignore it. The master immediately assured Great Dane that everything was all right. She could be heard saying to the big dog, “I can also touch him It’s not all about you. ” Anyone with a jealous dog might have said that at least once. But the Great Dane did not relax. He made it clear that he was not happy and he didn’t want to be replaced. The Great Dane thinks the best way is to get involved. He didn’t want to risk being forgotten, so he stood up. The terrifying dog, towering over Lindsay, clawed her for a pet. The owner couldn’t help but say to the Great Dane: “you are too dramatic! “She was not wrong. She continued to comment on the dog’s jealousy, but Great Dane seemed happy with herself. He won’t let a cute little dog take his show.