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Do Gordon setters make good pets?

Gordon setters can become good pets. As a great fan of the golden setter, I believe there is a call to action that has been largely ignored. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll introduce you to the phone, or, if you’re distracted or need more motivation to find your voice and play your part, I’ll reintroduce why there’s a call. Since 1992, the AKC registry has experienced a significant loss of dog registration in an alarming number. The peak of AKC registration was in 1992, with about 1.5 million dogs registered. In 2010, the total number of AKC dogs registered annually was 563611. This is a staggering 63% drop in annual dog registration, and the decline has not stabilized since then.


Gordon setter’s origin

In 2010, the AKC registered 535 Gordon setters, accounting for about 0.095% of all AKC breed registrations. If we simply assume that this breed has maintained similar popularity for 20 years, then in 1992, we can estimate that the AKC registered 1425 Gordon setters. Now comparing 1425 in 1992 with 456 in 2014, we find that our breed has reduced 969 Gordon setters, and the number of Gordon setters in the AKC registered population has decreased by 68% in the past 22 years.
Several issues are thought to affect the decline in the number of AKC registrations, which could also have an adverse effect on our breed: AKC is facing more competition from other purebred dog registries and event organizations such as the United Kennel Club (UKC). The recession has affected the money to buy purebred dogs. (lower cost of pet rescue).


Legislation to limit Gordon setter keeping at the local level

Gordon setter rights groups are using marketing campaigns and rescue/shelter operations to target “breeders” for new pet owners’ market share. Information about adoption and shopping, even information publications like AHA pet population profile, also hints at negative information about purebred and cancer incidence rate.