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Do Gordon setters get mad at you?

If you go home and your Gordon Setter doesn’t greet you as usual, or if the place looks like it’s been hit by a tornado, you may think your Gordon setter is angry with you for leaving. Here’s what you need to know about dogs and anger, and how to judge if your dog is unhappy.

The anger of the Gordon Setter

On the side of the dog lies the black paw. It turns out that the question of whether your dog is angry with you shouldn’t be asked. Although dogs do get upset by a situation, they don’t get as mad at someone as you do. Anger is what psychologists call the second emotion, which is the human response to the main emotions such as fear and sadness. For dogs, anger is too complex to really experience; however, dogs can experience more basic emotions that humans hide with anger. Gordon setters don’t blame people as humans do. Although your dog may associate an object or a situation and the feelings they evoke – for example, a puppy may trip over a step while carrying a toy and then associate the toy with something harmful – they don’t actually think it’s the fault of the object. Your dog doesn’t blame you for making them unhappy.


Signs of unhappiness in your Gordon setter

Your dog may try to express their uneasiness and make them look angry at you. But more likely, they just want to express their feelings and hope you can stop the source of their pain. Here are some common dog behaviors that are often misinterpreted as anger at pet parents.
(1) Goldensett chews furniture
It may mean: your dog may be bored, trying desperately to entertain without companions or other entertainment, rather than trying to retaliate.
What you should do is: when you leave the puppies, be sure to provide them with toys. The best toys are interactive, such as puzzle games or toys. Turning on the radio or TV can also make your dog less lonely. It’s better to record a video or a recording for yourself.
(2) Gordenset growls
Growling is usually your Gordon Setter to let you know what’s upsetting them and they want it to stop. Dogs bark for various reasons that are not related to anger, such as resource conservation. Or if that’s the reason why animals roar or if you can steal them from other animals. Similarly, if you let them move from a comfortable place, you may hear a roar.
What you should do is: don’t punish or yell for the growl of your Gordon Setter. Doing so can make their behavior worse or intimidate them to bite or bite. Instead, stay calm and ignore these behaviors. If Gordon Setter’s eyes turn white and ears flatten, repeatedly lick the lips or expose the teeth. If you see any of these signs, leave your dog and wait for them to lose interest. Otherwise, you risk being bitten.
(3) GoldenĀ  setter pisses on your stuff
While you may think that your dog peed on a pile of clothes you left on the floor out of resentment, the truth is that dogs can piss on your stuff for a number of reasons. According to nest, one reason dogs pee on their parents’ belongings is to mark their territory. It may also mean that you don’t let them out in a time when they need to go to the bathroom. If most of this behavior occurs when your dog is alone at home, it may be a sign of separation anxiety. If your dog is unattended at home but has frequent accidents in soft places, such as piles of clothes, it can be a sign of health problems, such as urinary tract infections or urinary incontinence.

What you should do is: if you think that medical problems or separation anxiety may lead to this behavior, consult your veterinarian. Otherwise, remember that your Gordon Setter’s bladder doesn’t always work on your preferred schedule, and be aware when they let you know they need to go. If your schedule prevents you from meeting your dog’s needs immediately, you can consider a dog walker or dog door and continue to train them. The best place to relax is outside. Using dog training mats near places where they want to sneak out to the toilet should be considered a last resort because they don’t see entering the room as acceptable behavior. Avoid leaving dirty clothes or other things you don’t want to pee into where your dog can reach.
(4) Avoid you
If your Gordon Setter is hiding from you, it may mean that they are stressed out for some reason and need time alone to cope. Hiding can also indicate that your Gordon Setter is in pain.