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Do Gordon setters bite?

Gordon Setter‘s bite is one of the most annoying things. You bought this lovely Gordon Setter to take home and found out you had brought a crocodile into the house! You can’t pet a Gordon Setter because he fires at your hand, thrusting his sharp fangs into your finger. It jumps up and bites your arm. Turn around and the Gordon Setter will bite your ankle. It can tear your clothes and leave bruises and tooth marks on your skin. I was unprepared for the Gordon Setter – I found a picture of me holding my Gordon Setter and he was clearly trying to bite me, but I really don’t remember it being a problem. But then again, time is a great healer.


It is normal for a Gordon Setter to bite

All Gordon Setters chew, but many Gordon Setters seem content with chewing toys, leaving their humans alone. But, like humans, all puppies are different, and none is guaranteed. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but Beth surprised me because she bit me every time! My arm was covered in bruises and punctures — people at work noticed and commented on it, unless I was wearing long sleeves, which was really awkward.

Although common sense tells me that this is just normal Gordon Setter behavior, in my dog training sessions, the trainer did not mention that an Irish Setter tends to suggest that she may be mentally disturbed! When I tried to get Beth down, when I was sitting on the sofa, she came at me, the Gordon Setters would yell at me, it didn’t matter. I began to think that perhaps I had a fierce dog here! I used to think, ‘When is my dog going to stop biting me? ‘? ‘Beginning to think she would never! But after seven or eight long weeks, it was hard to know exactly when I realized that the biting behavior was wearing off. Instead of purple and yellow bruises on my arm, I could reach out and touch her without getting pinched.


Give Gordon Setters training time

In fact, as Gordon Setters began to lose their baby teeth, the biting began to ease. So, how did I stop her from biting? I think the answer is that you have to give it time to work things out on its own, and you have to consistently replace your limbs and fingers to exercise your teeth, like toys or raw chewing. It’s not like a switch is thrown, the process is gradual, which is why I can’t say exactly when it happens. But the Gordon Setter is now 18 weeks old and I am happy to tell you that puppy bites are a thing of the past. It’s so nice to come home and hug my little dog! So for all of us in the same situation — it did pass, and there was light at the end of the tunnel!