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Do Golden Retrievers shed?

Golden Retrievers shed can be divided into the following four situations: the first is a puppy grow up must go through a change of hair, before the Lanugo hair will fall off, and then grow out of the hair will be hard, thick, the process of changing hair is more obvious, this is a normal phenomenon! The second is the seasonal change of hair, the dog every year will change a part of the old hair, which is also a normal phenomenon! The third is an abnormal diet, lack of vitamins will cause hair loss. The fourth is that skin diseases can also cause hair loss.


Why Golden Retrievers shed:

Golden retriever hair loss may have a direct relationship with Diet. Malnourished dogs generally lose their hair. Owners should prepare foods rich in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, and should not feed foods with large amounts of salt, or you can feed dog nutrition cream, a full complement of Golden Dog Nutrition, golden dog hair to alleviate the phenomenon. Golden dog if long-term exposure to the sun, years of indoor breeding will lose hair. In our spare time, we can take the dog outside to sunbathe. The warm sunshine will also promote the healthy growth of the new hair. Many owners will give the dog bath with human soap or shampoo, this is not desirable. Dog Skin Ph is the opposite of human, a dog enough to use the human bath will stimulate the dog’s skin, will cause the dog’s skin dry, itching, mites, bacteria, fungi have the opportunity to form a skin disease eventually lead to hair loss. In addition, taking a bath too often can also lead to, some owners will increase the number of times the dog takes a bath in order to be clean.


The golden retriever’s skin itself has a protective layer of oil, frequent bathing can damage the skin’s ability to regulate and maintain itself, as well as cause hair loss. For the dog’s bath, dog owners should not bathe the dog too often, and to use a suitable dog bath liquid, the process should be thoroughly washed, so as not to cause retention of skin disease. There is also a case of severe depilation due to skin disease. Symptoms of this disease need to be treated according to the symptoms. We should fully supplement the dog’s Essential fatty acid, to maintain the integrity of the dog skin cell membrane, maintain the barrier function of the Epidermis, anti-inflammation, relieve itching, and so on, so as to shorten the treatment cycle of dog skin disease, reduce the recurrence effect.