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Do Golden Retrievers like to swim?

The Golden Retriever we’re about to introduce is a great swimmer! When we were kids, we used to watch cartoons, especially with dogs in them. The sight of many dogs swimming in the water made us think that any dog would swim around in the water. It’s not just me, it’s probably most people, too. So are dogs really born aquatic? It’s a mistake to think that dogs are born with water. Not all dogs are born with the ability to swim. You’d think a water dog would be flexible and long-limbed, able to take advantage of its ability to swim in the water. But some dogs do not have these conditions, so not suitable for playing in the water, and some dogs even hate the water, walking on the road to meet a puddle will go around it. So, if you have a dog, do not casually take very deep water edge, or may cause the dog drowned by mistake.


Golden Retriever, the name conjures up a picture of a dog covered in long golden hair, which is good for swimming, and the golden retriever itself is very good at swimming. If your golden retriever needs to exercise, you can choose the weather is good, find a suitable location, burn off the dog’s energy. But the following four categories of dogs are not suitable for swimming the first is too short-limbed dogs, which is not conducive to sliding on the water. The second is a much heavier body than the head of the dog, such a body it is difficult to let the dog’s head surface. The third is a dog with a short nose. This kind of dog is easy to choke in the water. The fourth is the poor physical quality of dogs, some dogs are naturally more sensitive to cold after the water is very easy to get rheumatism.

Large dogs are natural swimmers, but it is best to go into the water later in life. We’d better not let small dogs go in the water. Dogs are afraid of water when they are young. If you’re going to put a golden retriever in the water, it’s a good idea to do some skin treatment before you go in, buy some insect repellent, and then clean up and dry the fur immediately after you come ashore, or you’ll get sick.


How do we train golden retrievers to swim?

We can bring the dog to the waterside of a normal freshwater swimming place during training. First, we will excite the dog with the dog’s favorite plaything on the shore. Then, we will throw the thing into the water and the owner will rush to the water, and to the dog “swim” Password, let the dog come to fetch. If the dog is afraid to go into the water at first and hesitates at the shore, the owner can encourage the dog and hold the dog in the water with his own hands, accompanied by swimming. After a period of repeated training, the dog will gradually get used to and like swimming. At this time, the dog can be brought to the seawater swimming field, training to adapt to the seawater swimming.