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Do Golden Retrievers get attached to one person?

We know that golden retrievers have a reputation for being gentle and friendly, so I think it’s safe to assume that golden retrievers will attack, but nothing is certain. Just because they have a good temper doesn’t mean they won’t get angry, we need to know that when you’re desperate, you bite. When you’re desperate, you jump. They can also be aggressive if they go too far with a golden retriever. Compared with other dogs, golden retrievers have a high degree of patience with people, especially children. Golden retrievers can play with children carefully and patiently.


In addition, the golden retriever’s intelligence and obedience are high. They don’t cause as much trouble in life as other dogs do, such as aggressive territorial claims and destructive behavior. The Golden Retriever is always gentle and friendly. In life, we almost never hear about the golden retriever bite, attack people. In so many dogs, the golden retriever’s character can be said to be very good, to the master’s loyalty, obedience is also very strong. So, as long as you don’t piss off the golden retriever too much, he won’t attack. However, if you do touch the golden retriever’s bottom line, it’s okay to be attacked by him. For the Golden Retriever, it is more gentle and kind, so as long as it is not too much then it will not be too much of a fuss. So we don’t have to worry about whether the golden retriever will attack us, but we shouldn’t try to challenge the golden retriever’s good temper, otherwise, it will be angry at that moment.

1. Golden Retriever for protection

Golden retrievers are usually very docile, but if they, their owners, or their pups get hurt, the golden retriever has an instinct to protect the owner and the child that they care about, the golden retriever will also transform into an aggressive dog and bite without mercy.

2. Golden retriever gets too excited

Dogs don’t care when they’re excited, and Golden retriever will be like this. If he’s too excited, he doesn’t care who you are, whether you’re the owner or a stranger, and if he’s too excited, he tells you not to approach him. Golden Retriever doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he could easily bite someone.

3. Someone robs Golden retriever’s food

For the greedy dog, food is of course the most important thing, and whether it is a gentle golden retriever, he will have a protective instinct, you grab its food, of course, golden will bite you. The owner should not disturb the golden retriever while he is eating.
Usually, we must carry on the training to it more, corrects the behavior which guards food, the golden hair is very clever, as long as takes the spot meat jerky and so on a snack to carry on the induction training, very easy to learn well. In addition, the golden retriever food suggested feeding dog food, after all, only dog food is the best food for Golden Retriever because the golden retriever will lose hair, so the dog food to a targeted selection of low-salt light natural food.


4. Possessiveness explodes

Golden retriever likes to be with his owner and has a strong desire to monopolize him. If you go to play with other dogs, or if you get along with other people and forget about Golden Retriever’s existence, then the golden retriever’s desire to monopolize will explode, then the golden retriever will be jealous and make some aggressive behavior.

5. Goldilocks

Golden retrievers are, after all, a breed of hunting dogs, born with a passion for moving objects. Some people are afraid of dogs, so when they see a golden retriever, they will run fast, but this kind of thing can often arouse golden retriever’s aggressive desire, without saying a word will catch up, open mouth is a bite, so usually meet the dog, even if fear is good, do not run, can avoid the dog’s sight, slowly walk on.

6. Long-term closed feeding

If some golden retrievers are kept in a closed enclosure for a long time, such golden retrievers are easy to bite. Because these golden retrievers are always kept in a closed space, their personalities will become sensitive and self-abased, and they will have a strong resistance to foreign food, so when it comes to a person or a dog that is close to you, it can be aggressive.

Golden retrievers are very docile. That means some trained golden retrievers. The owner needs to do more basic obedience training with the dog. The golden retriever has a high IQ and is also very obedient, to avoid any golden retriever bites. In addition to training, golden retriever breeders should also pay more attention to the healthy nutrition of their diet. It is believed that anyone who has raised golden retrievers knows that golden retrievers will lose their hair, and they are also very good at it. If they do not want their golden retrievers to be coarse and lose their hair more severely, the best thing you can do for Golden Retriever is to give him low salt, low-fat dog food.