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Do German shepherds bark?

Your German Shepherd always barks when he sees someone passing by. Your neighbors are complaining, so you want to know how to control your German Shepherd not to bark too much. Read this article to learn what causes this behavior, find out how to solve the problem, and more about barking.

Basic information of German Shepherd barking

We’ll start with the basic information about German shepherd dogs barking. After that, we will learn about the causes of barking and how to solve these problems.


When does the German Shepherd begin to bark?

At 2 to 4 weeks of age, you may notice that your German Shepherd is trying to make sounds by snoring or whimpering. Then he will start vomiting in about two months. When it is 4 months old, German shepherd dogs usually start barking normally. Due to temperament differences, some GSDs may start barking before or after 4 months.

How loud can a German Shepherd bark?

German shepherd dogs are often used as police dogs because of their strong and loud barks. Their barking can even effectively prevent the death of criminals. The loudest bark of GSD is 108 decibels. It’s over 85 decibels above what people think is safe for the human ear.

Do German Shepherds often bark?

Yes, it’s their instinct. German shepherds use barking to express their feelings. They may bark with excitement, but they can also bark with boredom. However, GSD is a smart, highly trainable creature. You can train them to control barking. Owners who usually ignore GSD requirements often yell.

Why German shepherd dogs bark?

Before we solve the barking problem, let’s find out why GSD barks. The common reasons are as follows:
(1) If a stranger enters your house, your German shepherd will bark at the stranger. He barks to remind you and avoid danger because he thinks he is a threat.
(2) Boredom/separation anxiety
German shepherd dogs need enough physical and mental exercise to release the accumulated energy. It’s not enough just to give them physical exercise. They also need mental stimulation. If you don’t challenge their ideas, they get bored.
(3) Aggression
Some German Shepherds don’t get along well with other dogs, so they bark to tell other dogs to “back off”! The aggressive barking of German shepherd dogs is low, quiet, and persistent. The GSDs that usually do so lack socialization and training.
(4) Barking training of German Shepherd Dog


How can I stop my German shepherd dog from barking?

If you feel annoyed because your German shepherd‘s barking is out of control, you want it to stop. You can find out why. Once the cause is identified, the root cause of the problem can be solved. If your German Shepherd barks at your visitor, assure him that the visitor is not a threat. When you open the door to let the guest in, show that you are friendly to the guest. If your GSD stops barking, give him a treat. Repeat this until he learns to control his bark. If it doesn’t work, you can keep quiet while teaching your dog. When your German Shepherd starts barking, ignore it. When he stops, you say quiet and give it a food reward. Repeat this process several times so your German Shepherd can learn to be calm with strangers.