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Do French bulldogs sleep a lot?

Before we got the French Bulldog, we heard about how lazy this breed is. Although the French Bulldog is not lazy at all, he really likes sleeping. He consumes a lot of energy and needs to constantly recharge the battery. But how many hours does a French Bulldog sleep in a day? What is the sleeping habit of a French bulldog?

How many hours does the French Bulldog sleep a day? A French Bulldog can sleep an average of 12 to 14 hours a day. Our Frenchmen sleep seven hours a night without waking up, and then sleep a few hours a day intermittently, averaging another seven hours.

How many hours can a three month old French Bulldog sleep every day?

French Bulldog puppies are a completely different situation, just like human babies, they sleep for a few hours. French Bulldog Puppies certainly have different sleeping habits from adult dogs. If your French Bulldog is 8 to 12 weeks old or 3 months old, he can sleep up to 18 hours a day.

Does my French Bulldog sleep too much?

The answer to this question maybe No. While new dog owners may worry that their French seem to sleep most of the day, it’s no surprise.
As a breed, the French Bulldog is often a sleepy breed than the average dog. For example, working dogs that are busy all day have no time to sleep, while the French like to nap.
However, if you think your Frenchman shows unusual sleep patterns and habits, you may need to pay attention to some health issues.


Sleeping habits of French Bulldog

Sometimes French Bulldogs sleep with their eyes open. Claude’s eyes were often half open when he was asleep. It’s not a good look, sometimes it will look like they have rolled to the back of his head! I’ve done some research online about why dogs and French people sleep with their eyes open, and found that it goes back to their ancestors. Sleeping with their eyes open is a defense mechanism that protects them from predators at rest. Even if your Frenchman doesn’t have any predators, this particular quirk still exists in his DNA. However, you must pay attention to him, as if he is convulsing in his sleep. If it is strenuous exercise, it may be a sign of seizures, so pay attention to any unusual behavior. But don’t panic. Your Frenchman’s legs and eyes twitch when he’s sleeping, most likely because he’s dreaming.
French Bulldogs may sometimes sleep on their backs. Your French Bulldog‘s sleep habits can be a good sign of how they feel. For example, a French bulldog on his back will help him stay calm. That’s because sleeping on an open stomach can lose heat and keep him cool and happy on a warm night. Sleeping on his back also means your Frenchman is comfortable and has no fear. Because of the predator’s existence, he will not expose his private life to sleep in the wild, so going back to sleep means that he is relaxed and not worried about being threatened. French Bulldogs gasp when they sleep. The body composition of French Bulldogs usually leads to breathing problems.