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Do Chinese crested dogs need sunscreen?

Do Chinese Crested dogs need sunscreen? In summer, you may be protecting yourself and your family from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, but what about your Chinese Crested Dog? You may be surprised to find that dogs also need protection. The fur of Chinese Crested dogs is naturally protective, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be burned. These sunburn can be painful and increase your dog’s risk of cancer.

So when should your Chinese crested dog use sunscreen?

The best dog sunscreen can protect your Chinese Crested dog from strong sunlight on hot days. It is well known that excessive exposure to direct sunlight can lead to sunburn and skin cancer. Like their owners, Chinese Crested dogs get sunburned! It can cause hair loss and skin peeling. But sunscreen can protect your dog when it gets too hot. Choose safe sunscreen to protect your skin and avoid using human sunscreen.

Can a Chinese crested dog get sunburn?

Yes, just like their owners, Chinese Crested dogs get sunburned. Because Chinese Crested dog has no hair protection. Like us, sunburned Chinese Crested dog also has red and inflamed skin, leading to hair loss and damaged scaly skin. Repeated exposure to strong sunlight can eventually lead to skin cancer.

How does a Chinese crested dog get sunburn?

The sun penetrated through the fur of Chinese Crested Dog and directly hit the pink skin below, causing sunburn. If you have a Chinese Crested dog, you should be extra careful to keep it completely away from the sun, if possible. If Chinese Crested dogs have to be active in the sun, they need sunscreen. Buy a Chinese Crested dog.

Should you use sunscreen for a Chinese Crested dog?


Absolutely, you should! Sunscreen is a good way to protect your Chinese Crested dog in summer, especially if it has white fur. Due to excessive exposure to the sun, Chinese Crested dog will suffer from skin cancer. When the sun is strongest, it’s best to keep your dog indoors from 10 am to 4 pm. If your Chinese Crested dog has to go out in strong sunlight, you should apply sunscreen to the sensitive parts of your dog’s body, especially the following parts: nose; ear tips; groin; around the sulcus and lips; and stomach. If your Chinese creted dog goes swimming or rolls on the grass, wipe off the sunscreen you used before and remember to apply it again. You have to be on your guard! Some Chinese Crested dogs try to lick any sunscreen they can touch!

Can you use human sunscreen on Chinese Crested dogs?

You’d better choose the dog sunscreen for your dog. Human sunscreen usually contains zinc oxide. If Chinese Crested Dog accidentally ingests zinc oxide when licking sunscreen, it will be toxic to dogs. Human sunscreen also contains p-aminobenzoic acid (PBA), which can be toxic to Chinese Crested dog if ingested by dogs. Even baby and infant sunscreen products may contain zinc oxide and PBA, so it is not safe to use them on Chinese Crested dog. If you are not sure what type of sunscreen is safe for your Chinese creted dog, be sure to consult your veterinarian.