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Do cats like puggles?

Can we have a cat and a puggle in our house at the same time, or are they really enemies? Rest assured, cats and puggles can be best friends or at least learn to live in peace. If you already have a cat in your family and plan to add another dog, choosing the right puggle will greatly help build a harmonious relationship.

Puggles are easy to get along with

puggles are easier to get along with cats than other breeds of dogs. puggles are made up of amorous and sociable breeds. They were bred into companions and warm legged animals. The members of the sports group are friendly and outgoing. These happy and lucky dogs are happy to make friends with anyone they meet, including cats.


Both puggles and cats like to chase

On the other hand, courageous puggles are used to hunt pests. A fast-moving cat may trigger those intense predatory instincts. The hounds of a pack are used to chase. No cat would like to be the target of this kind of attention. Finally, members of the herd have a strong desire to graze anything, including their owners and children. Some cats may find this too annoying to bear.

Puggles need training

Remember, these are generalizations. puggles can live peacefully with cats if they are socialized and trained to leave the cat. Teaching your dog a “leave it” tip and a strong “stay” can help keep the peace. Proper introductions can also help, and it’s best to make sure that the cat always has an escape route. Never leave your new dog alone with your cat until you are sure it won’t be a problem.


The personality of a puggle and a cat match

Puggle and cat personalities also play a role. An old puggle, for example, may not like being alone with an old puggle. Before you bring a puggle into your cat family, do some research, and then discuss with potential breeders whether a particular breed is suitable for a multi-pet family. Puppies are bred to hunt in packs, so they usually get along well with other animals. Their insatiable nature makes them a pleasure in life. They are lovely companions and are likely to see the cat as another member of the group.