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Do Brittany Spaniels need haircuts?

The Brittany Hound is a medium-sized hound with a medium-length coat, flat or wavy. In general, it doesn’t take much work to comb this breed, but Brittany is a famous “Double Dog”, which means that the breed performs well in conformation display and field test. Owners planning to show off the Brittany hound may need to spend more time dressing up. Below you can find out more about nursing Brittany coats.


Haircare of Brittany Dog

All in all, it’s not very time-consuming for us to comb a Brittany hound. These dogs are moderately depilated, but usually only need brushing a few times a week; they only need to take a bath every 3-4 months, unless the dog becomes particularly dirty or smelly; and they don’t need a haircut at all, although some people trim Brittany’s fur to finish it.

How to brush a Brittany Dog?

A smooth brush is best for Brittany dogs. First, spray the water mist from the spray bottle to wet the coat, then start with the shoulder, sweep the whole coat with a brush and move toward the direction of hair growth. If you come across a mat or tangle, first try to put your finger through it, then continue with the brush. Brittany dogs may molt seasonally (more in spring and Autumn), so they need to brush their teeth every day during this period.

How to bathe a Brittany Dog?

The Brittany Dog can take a bath outside the garden or in the bathtub. First, brush your Brittany thoroughly, then get your coat completely wet. Use dog shampoo to knead the foam from the top line to ensure that it includes legs, abdomen, and tail. (if you like, you can clean your head and ears with a towel to avoid the soap getting into the dog’s eyes.) Rinse thoroughly and then reuse conditioner if necessary. Dry the coat with a towel and/or blow-dry, then give the dog a quick brush to make it look clean and tidy.


How to cut a Brittany Dog’s hair?

This kind of dog doesn’t need a haircut, but some owners, especially those who show them, trim their coats. (more details can be found in the styling and hairstyle section.) In any case, it’s better for owners to take their dog to a professional beautician at least once because the beautician can provide some advice on how to dress up the Brittany hound.

Brittany has a lot of hair loss

Brittany only needs to brush his teeth about twice a week – but these dogs may lose more weight during the spring and autumn shedding seasons, so brushing every day is the best during this time. Some people also like to use one or two hair loss tools during the hair loss season (intermittently for a year) to help collect dead hair. Like other short-haired breeds, the best brush for Brittany hounds is the bristle brush. Dressing gloves also work. We can wet the coat first with the mist in the spray bottle. Then, starting from the shoulder, use a brush or glove to pass through the coat one by one, moving in the direction of hair growth.

Brittany’s hairstyle

In fact, Brittany‘s hairstyle is a relative term. A completely shaved Brittany Hound is not a good thing, because if most of its fur is cut off, it will not grow properly! But some owners – especially those whose dogs come into the show – do trim their coats. Brittany breed standards severely punish dogs with too many feathers on their ears and legs, so some owners trim the furniture according to regulations. Otherwise, you don’t need a haircut. Your Brittany may need to occasionally clean the hair off your feet. The owner had better consult a professional beautician for more information.