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Do Brittany dogs smell?

The Brittany hound has a strong but sensitive temperament and can adapt to any living environment without making a fuss. They are very leisurely, but very alert, like to live the most full life. They are most suitable for families with a lot of children and keep them busy. The house has a big garden. Sometimes the Brittany hound has a strange smell.


The causes of the smell of Brittany Hound

So what causes the situation worse than normal, and even perfume can not cover up its smell? Brittany’s body secretes a substance called sebum as part of your daily work. Sebum is secreted by sebaceous glands in the skin. It’s an oily secretion that lubricates the skin and makes it waterproof. Mix the sebum with some dead skin cells and some bacteria and you’ll get some very tasty perforations! The excrement is semi-solid and smells like Stinky Cheese. In the worst case, you can even wipe the thick discharge off the plug.

How to deal with the smell of Brittany?

What can I do for you with the smell of Brittany? First, you can bathe in the smell of a Brittany hound, and if possible, be sure to remove your ear jewelry (only for fully healed perforations). This will not only allow you to clean your perforation, but also take a good look at your jewelry. Finally, wash your perforations (after you wash your hair, face and body) with clean glycerin soap and warm water, then rinse. Now, take the opportunity to clean up your jewelry. Remember to clean your jewelry in a proper way. Any metal jewelry can be simply washed with warm water and some glycerine soapy water. Natural jewelry should not be immersed in water. Clean the natural jewelry with a wet cloth and then apply a little jojoba oil. We have to be very gentle with the smell of Brittany hounds!

You can’t make the smell disappear forever, but if you stick to a consistent cleaning procedure for your perforations and your jewelry, you should be able to keep the smell under control and reduce it significantly. Some suggestions from customers include washing and drying the skin with a drop of tea tree oil or lavender oil after the puncture. The garbage coming out of the cyst is an accumulation of grease/wax secretions that can cause ear tremors.
Brittany Hound is a very developed sense of smell of the hound, once the nose smell, it can find the right place. Therefore, early “on-call” training is necessary. Brittanys are easy to train and work with great enthusiasm. Compared with other hounds, they are more independent. Once they know how to complete a job, they don’t need too much manpower. Brittany hounds are very sensitive, especially gentle and respectful to children and the elderly. Brittany hound will show his gentle side and be a perfect gentleman. However, it should be noted that he may be too excited about young children, and the interaction should always be supervised. The Brittany Hound is very suitable for an active family, but not the first dog owner’s dog, because you will need to be able to control his hunting desire. The tip of the Brittany hound’s hair is wavy, almost like an exogenous perm, and needs daily brushing and care to avoid the hair becoming dull.