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Do Brittany dogs run away?

Running away is a serious problem for you and your Brittany because it can have tragic consequences. If your Brittany runs away, he is in danger of being hit by a car, injured in a fight with another dog, or otherwise. In addition, you are responsible for any damage or injury your Brittany may cause and you may have to pay a fine if he is picked up by the animal control agency. In order to solve the problem of escape, you need to determine not only how your Brittany escaped, but also why he escaped.


Reasons for Breton’s escape

Your Brittany may run away from boredom or loneliness. Here are a few reasons why Brittany dogs may run away. Brittany dogs haven’t had a chance to communicate with you for a long time. Brittany Dog’s environment is relatively barren, no playmates and toys. Brittany is a puppy or teenager (under three years old) with no other channel for his energy. Brittany is a particularly active type of dog (such as grazing or sporting breed) who needs an active job to be happy.
The place he went when he escaped provided him with interactive and interesting things to do. For example, he goes to play with his neighbor’s dog, or he goes to the local school to play with the children.

Suggestions on preventing Breton dogs from escaping

You and your Brittany can walk every day. It’s good exercise for both of you. You can also teach your Brittany to get the ball or frisbee and practice with him as much as possible. You can also teach your Brittany some commands and / or techniques. Practice these commands and / or techniques for 5 to 10 minutes a day. You can also attend listening classes with your Brittany and practice what you learn every day. When you’re not at home, you have to provide fun toys to keep Brittany busy. You can also spin toys to make them interesting. If you work long hours, take your dog to a “dog day care” or ask a friend or neighbor to walk the dog.
Brittany dogs mature sexually at 6 to 12 months of age. A complete Brittany is driven by a strong, natural drive to find a partner. It is very difficult to prevent a complete Breton from escaping, because their motives are very high. You sterilize your male Brittany. Studies have shown that sterilization reduces sexual wandering in about 90% of cases. However, if a complete male animal has established a pattern of escape, it may continue to do so even after castration, so it is important to sterilize it as soon as possible. If your intact bitch escapes your yard in the heat, she is likely to be pregnant. Millions of pets are euthanized every year. Please don’t let your female Brittany breed indiscriminately, which leads to the problem of excessive number of pets.

Your Brittany may be running away from something he’s afraid of if he’s exposed to loud noise, such as thunderstorms, firecrackers or construction noise. You have to find out what scares your Brittany and desensitize him to it. Check that your veterinarian gives Brittany an anti-anxiety drug while you work on behavior adjustment. When your Brittany may encounter fear, leave him indoors. Leave him in the basement or in the windowless bathroom and put him on the TV, radio or big fan to silence. You have to provide a safe place for your Brittany. When he feels anxious, observe where he likes to go, and then allow him to enter the space, or create a similar space for him to use when the fear stimulus appears.