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Do Biewer Yorkies shed?

A common misconception is that Biewer Yorkies do not shed at all. This is simply not true. However, Yorkies go through a different coat growth and shedding cycle than many other breeds. Due to this unique trait, Yorkies shed far less than the average dog, making them an ideal breed for people who don’t like lots of pet hair around the house.
Let’s take a look at how Yorkshire Terriers shed, what to do to help keep the shedding manageable, and when to be worried about health issues if shedding is happening too frequently.
Do Yorkies shed?
Although Yorkies do occasionally release the hair, they do not shed seasonally, and that makes all the difference.
Many dog breeds have both a stiff, hardy outer coat and a softer, insulating undercoat. These breeds tend to shed their undercoat seasonally, dropping the extra insulation for the warmer months and growing it again for the winter. This type of coat is typically called fur.
Yorkies are different in that they have a fine, single layer coat, which is typically referred to as hair. It is somewhat similar to the undercoat on other breeds, except that Yorkies do not shed and regrow this coat seasonally.
Instead, Yorkie hair will continue to grow until cut, allowing the pup to grow a longer coat than most dogs have. However, Yorkies will still shed gradually throughout the year, dropping a small amount of hair at a time similar to how you or I do.
This single layer of fine hair and low level of shedding makes Yorkies essentially hypoallergenic, and people with allergies tend to react less or not at all to Yorkie hair. Dog breeds that shed seasonally tend to produce far more dander and create a problem for people sensitive to allergens. If you want to have your own Biewer Terriers, you can click here for more information.