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Do bernese mountain dogs have health problems?

Do Bernese mountain dogs have health problems? According to the data of American dog club, the life span of a typical Bernese mountain dog is 7-10 years, which is shorter than that of many similar dogs. Unfortunately, this is because they are at a higher than average risk of several serious health problems, as described below.


Bernese mountain dog has health problems in orthopedics department

Bernese mountain dog is at relatively high risk of orthopedic health problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, both of which can lead to potential debilitating arthritis over time.

Bernese mountain dog eyed health problems

Bernese mountain dog’s eyed health problems are quite common, including eyedlid rolling inward or outward and progressive retinal atrophy, which is a degenerative health problem leading to vision loss.

Bernese Mountain Dog mental health problems

Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive spinal cord disease, which is a health problem of Bernese mountain dog and often affects Bernese mountain dog. This kind of Bernese mountain dog health problem can lead to the dog hind limb weakness, eventually paralysis.

How to prevent the health problems of Bernese mountain dog?


This is obviously not a complete list of Bernese mountain dog health problems. Hypothyroidism, heart disease, gastric distention, volvulus (distention), several types of cancer and a coagulation disorder called von Willebrand are all present at some frequency in this breed. Bernese mountain dog is a large and heavy breed (weighing about 110 pounds) and is prone to diseases such as swelling, hip and elbow dysplasia and joint diseases. These are all possible health problems of Bernese mountain dog. When the Bernese Mountain Dog puppies grow too fast, the health problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog joints will develop, so the cartilage of the Bernese Mountain Dog joints may not be correctly attached to the bone. The growth rate of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies is no more than 4 pounds per week. You should not use calcium supplements, and you should not overfeed your Bernese mountain dog to help avoid joint health problems. You should also avoid overtraining your Bernese mountain dog, because vigorous jumping and other high impact activities may lead to health problems in the development of Bernese Mountain Dog joints. When a Bernese mountain dog is young, it can exercise through walking, swimming and other low impact sports, which will not bring too much pressure to its growing body. For Bernese mountain dog with arthritis or any joint health problem, have a comfortable dog bed and support its weight properly. The orthopedic dog bed with removable cover provides a comfortable sleeping area for dogs, and is easy to keep clean and fresh, which can reduce the health problems of Bernese mountain dog. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.

What should Bernese mountain dog with health problems eat?

Dogs like Bernese mountain dog with bloating should eat it twice a day. When Bernese mountain dog only eats once a day, it eats faster because it is hungry. A hungry Bernese mountain dog will swallow food more quickly. In the process of eating, the dog will swallow the air with the food. The accumulation of air in the dog’s stomach may cause abdominal distension, which leads to the health problems of Bernese mountain dog. The slow feeder bowl is designed for dogs to slow down the speed of fast eating dogs, so as to prevent dogs from swallowing too much air during eating. For a large breed, such as Bernese mountain dog, use slow feed bowl and feed dog twice a day to minimize the chance of Bernese Mountain Dog developing gastrointestinal health problems. Sadly, compared with many other varieties, Bernese mountain dog has a very short life span. Bernese mountain dog can live eight years, sometimes even longer, with proper care. One of the disadvantages of having a Bernese mountain dog is that it is one of the shortest lived dog breeds. The oldest Bernie lived to be 15. Unfortunately, cancer is also a potential health problem for Bernese mountain dog.