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Do Belgian Tervurens make good pets?

Does Belgian Tervuren make good pets? Belgian Tervueren is a natural protective dog. This means that if he is not sociable from an early age, he will be suspicious of strangers. Of course, you do want him to be suspicious of strangers to some extent. If he doesn’t meet his family many times, he may continue to treat them as a potential threat to society.


Belgian Tervueren is alert

Belgian Tervueren is very sensitive to the changes of others and the environment. When he can tell what’s wrong, it’s like he’s Spiderman. He doesn’t think twice about barking to let you know if he feels like a potential intruder.

Belgian Tervueren is attentive

Despite the fact that he can pay full attention to his owner, Belgian Tervuren doesn’t recommend it to first-time owners. This is because you have to draw a line between being firm and letting him know that you are his leader while avoiding resorting to tougher training methods.

Belgian Tervuren is smart

Information from Belgian Tervueren actually led him to a job as a police dog in the past. He is very good at search and rescue and bomb detection. He soon learned new tasks, which made him the fun of training. Plus his athletic ability, you can play all kinds of games with him.


Belgian Tervueren is loyal

Belgian Tervueren has established close ties with his family and will give his life to protect them. The Belgian Tervueren and the German Shepherd are often compared based on similar characteristics. For example, when you think about the German shepherd dog, Belgian Tervueren, they both like children. They bark more often than they should. When you raise Belgian Tervueren, he gets along best with other animals. However, aggression with other dogs is still not uncommon, and it has a high desire for predation. This means that when you supervise a small animal, for example, you should prevent it from being hurt by him. Another thing to note about Belgian Tervueren is that just like his energy level, his level of calm can vary according to his personality. While some Belgian Tervueren is happy and lucky, others can be more alert and nervous.