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Do Belgian Malinois shed a lot?

One of the reasons for the massive shedding of Belgian Malinois is that they have a double coat of fur. Their undercoat is soft and dense. The outer coat consists of straight hair that is harder than the inner coat. The coat of Belgian Malinois is weather-resistant and waterproof. What you may not know about Belgian Malinois is that they have a black tip on every strand of their hair. They have black ears and black masks on their faces.


Belgian Malinois shed in spring and Autumn

This is the fall season for Belgian and Malinois. It’s a standard and natural process that almost every breed of dog has to go through. In the coming season, they will be ready for the coming season. In summer, they don’t need heavy coats, so most of their winter coats fall off. Similarly, they need to protect themselves from cold weather, so they take off their summer coats in autumn.

Low noise allergen of Belgian Malinois dog

Belgian Malinois dogs cannot be classified as hypoallergenic. They shed moderately and can carry allergens during shedding. If you are allergic to a dog, keep in mind that this dog can worsen the situation or is likely to trigger an allergic reaction. They fall off all the year-round, seriously twice a year. When you’re allergic, this shedding doesn’t help at all.

How to reduce the loss of Belgian Malinois?

Although there are fewer Belgian Malinois than German shepherds, if you don’t stay ahead, his molting may become unstoppable. Leaving your dog alone for a year, hoping everything will be OK, is not the solution. You must take measures to keep your dog’s fur healthy and reduce its shedding.

Here are some things you can do to deal with this situation.

No one likes Belgian Malinois hair flying around the house, and we will help you prevent it from falling off. Read all the tips below carefully and implement as many as you can. Due to the short and thick hair of Belgian Malinois, they are easy to comb and do not need to spend too much time in their coats. It’s a relatively simple process, overall, with some other heavy depilated dog breeds. Belgian Malinois need to brush their teeth twice a week. When you see an increase in shedding, brushing frequency should increase in spring and autumn. At this time, you should brush your Belgian Malinois at least 4 to 5 times a week.
You need to use a brush to remove dead hair from furniture and floors. If you pick up the hair while brushing your teeth, it means you don’t have to clean the floor in the future. Insisting on brushing Belgian Malinois’s teeth will make your life easier.
An oval needle-shaped brush is the best tool for your Belgian Malinois. Most owners recommend using falling blades in spring and autumn to deal with severe shedding. Both are easy to buy in pet shops. During the shedding season, you can brush your dog out of the house. Brushing your teeth outside means there’s no hair at home. You may want to clean your hair with your neighbors first because it will fly out and fall on your neighbor’s clothes and backyard.

You should only bathe the Belgian Malinois when you need to. Although bathing helps to reduce shedding, you should not take a bath frequently, because if you bathe repeatedly, it is not healthy for Malinois in Belgium. You can give your dog a sponge bath when he really stinks or is covered in mud or dirt.
Use your brush before bathing the Belgian Malinois. The bristles help to untie any knots in the dog’s fur and help keep the dog’s healthy and beautiful fur. Brushing after a bath is the same thing.
Use dog shampoo on your Belgian Malinois, not for humans. Human shampoos can irritate your Belgian Malinois. Be sure to buy high-quality beauty products. Conditioner is a good idea to help your dog’s fur soft and tidy.