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Do Belgian Malinois bite their owners?

Biting is one of the keys of Belgian Malinois‘s behaviors you should take as soon as possible. Ignoring or encouraging biting can cause it to get out of control. Once your dog grows up, biting can mean a big problem. Such as stabbing, legal proceedings, confiscation, or, worse, euthanasia. Remember, your Belgian Malinois will one day be a strong and strong dog. Male to female body weight ranged from 49-40 kg (male to a female). They have a powerful scissor bite force of more than 1060 Newtons or 238 pounds. Trying to control a strong bite from an adult dog can be disastrous for you and your dog.


4 Fun Games to stop Belgian Malinois biting

If you are already the parent of a lucky Belgian Malinois, you may have noticed that your GSD puppies are particularly agile. Some owners like to call their German shepherd dogs land sharks. It’s true, first of all. Until, of course, they learned that biting on limbs is forbidden. Belgian Malinois has a very high prey drive, so they like anything that moves fast!
From balls to garden animals to other puppies, unfortunately, your hands, feet, and even your pants can be targets. The faster you try to move your hands, feet, or other things, the faster your Belgian Marinos will move to capture it. Most importantly, your German Malinois come from powerful herds, so chasing and “collecting” moving objects is pre-programmed into their genes.
As a grazing breed, their job is to make sure that the sheep are kept under control at all times and to deal with wayward sheep by grabbing the back of the neck, above the hocks, or ribs. Remembering what your puppies were originally bred for can be very useful in your job of suppressing bites. Before we look at how to manage your Debbie Malinois biting, we should first understand some of the key things about biting.


The behavior or temperament of a Belgian Malinois

It’s important for you to be aware of the difference between behavior and temperament. Biting a dog is an act that all dogs will do. The reason why dogs bite is temperament. Some breeds of dogs bite more easily than others.

It is normal for Belgian Malinois to bite people

Yes, biting is the normal behavior of dogs and dogs. I mean, think about If a dog is unhappy, he won’t hire a lawyer to sue you! No, he’ll bite. It is our duty to teach our dogs not to bite through training.