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Do Australian Shepherds like to swim?

Australian Shepherds are one of the most ferocious workers in the world. They are happiest when they make grazing a special job. But what do they do when they don’t work? Specifically, do Australian shepherds like water?
Some Australian shepherds like water, some people don’t. Like humans, dogs have preferences. However, from our online survey, we know that most owners of Australian Shepherd Dogs agree that their dogs like to play in the water. I don’t know about you, but my three Australian shepherds like water.

Does Australian Shepherd like water?

Some Australian shepherds love water. It’s fun to spend time playing ball games and swimming in the water! Especially in hot summer. If you have an Australian Shepherd Dog and like to be in the water, you may wonder if your Australian Shepherd dog can swim.

Why does Australian Shepherd like water?

Australian Shepherd dogs are very sporty and well proportioned in construction, enabling them to handle water quite well. I have three Australian Shepherd dogs now. They all like to swim with me. Not only are they good at swimming, but they can also retrieve objects from the water. That is to say, they can swim to the deep water, take a stick, and then swim back to the shore with the stick in their mouth. Australian Shepherd likes water, and they are very comfortable in the water and can play in the water.

Can my Australian Shepherd swim?

You might think, “your Australian Shepherd can swim, but what about mine? “What I’m saying is that the only way you can find out is to try. Next, I’ll discuss a way that you can safely find if your dog will be able to swim. This strategy can also be used to teach your dog how to be comfortable in the water. It can also teach him how to be a better swimmer. But before I start, let me give you another reason why I think Australian Shepherds are born to be good swimmers. What was the Australian Shepherd used for? They’re for grazing, right? To do this, they need a sports dog who can handle a strong workload. At the same time, they need to be agile and agile enough to manage a group. These inborn athletic abilities are well transformed into water, which enables Australian Shepherd to handle swimming quite well, so Australian Shepherd will like water. Now, not all dogs can swim naturally. Australian shepherds, on the other hand, are built to scale, which is why they don’t have this problem. But I don’t think it’s all genetic. I think it has a lot to do with the personality of the dog. To be honest, I think most Australians have the ability to swim, but whether they like swimming or not is the real problem. Buy a Australian Shepherd.

How to make your Australian Shepherd like water?

In the beginning, if your Australian Shepherd has never swam before, what you need to do is slowly introduce them into the water. Our goal is not to force them. We want the water to look interesting and pleasant because it is! Secondly, we want to know if our dog can swim naturally with safety.
Here’s how I train Australian shepherds to swim and be comfortable in the water:

  1. I first looked for shallow water in the nearby lakes and rivers. I make sure the water level is not higher than my dog’s stomach.
  2. This is where I put my dog in the water. I usually have two ways to do it. One option is to step into the water and run around, and eventually my dog will join me in the water. The second option is to get my dog’s favorite toy. I throw it in shallow water and let my dog get it back. In my experience, both methods work well. When you put your dog in the water, make sure he stays in the water long enough for him to start to feel comfortable.
  3. Repeat the process while gradually moving into deeper waters. In the end, your dog will soon be able to swim by itself!
    It’s important that you keep the process fun and treat it like a game with your dog. She will learn to enjoy the water in this way and is looking forward to going more with you.
  4.  Keep Australian Shepherd safe
    It’s very important to be safe. Always keep your dog, especially the young dog. When you first start to let Australian Shepherd in the water, you should pay special attention to it.