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Do Alaskan Malamute get attached to one person?

In fact, many times the Alaskan dog will bite, a large part of the reason is from the owner. Many owners think they know their Alaskan dogs very well. They tell people that our Alaskan dogs are big, but they don’t bite so that when people see their Alaskan dogs, you don’t have to be afraid, and you can take your family’s Alaskan dogs with you when you go out. But there’s nothing to stop your Alaskan dog from following your master’s lead when it’s about to go berserk.


1. Alaskan wariness:

In fact, the Alaskan dog will bite because the owner did not give it timely good care so that it has a certain degree of human vigilance. In the beginning, it may be that some Alaskan dogs have been treated inhumanely by their former owners and are really wary of humans. This is when the new owners need to take good care of them. So if your Alaskan dog just got back from someone else, make sure it gets used to the new environment first, so it can be more friendly to humans. Most of the time, the umbrella bites because its owner doesn’t care enough to make it feel abandoned or abandoned, and the drive of the person being attacked makes the Alaskan dog feel its life is in danger.


So sometimes we don’t have to be afraid of big Alaskan dogs, but most of the time they are very docile. Generally speaking, if you don’t look for it, it won’t bother you, the Alaskan dog, who is just beginning to sense the danger, takes a defensive attitude towards all things outside and wants to keep you away but if you are still afraid of the Alaskan dog and keep pushing him away, there is a good chance that the Alaskan dog will feel unsafe and will attack you.

2. For self-defense purposes:

Many studies have shown that Alaskan dogs, who have been on the road for a long time, tend to be more afraid of humans because of their unbalanced mental and physical development, so they attack humans for self-defense purposes. But domestic Alaskan dogs, who live at home for a long time, have a great desire for freedom, if their owners had not been specially trained, it is quite possible that the Alaskan dog would become bored with being cooped up for so long that it would attack humans.

To sum up, Alaskan dogs are generally not aggressive toward humans, but when humans pose a risk to their lives, they will attack humans. So the owner must train a good Alaskan dog, in order to be able to avoid letting it bite. I hope all the owners can get along with their Alaskan dogs.