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Difference between Welsh corgi and Pembroke corgi

Corgi, the pet dog next to the Queen of England, sucks countless fans with short legs and big ass. It walks with twists and turns, super cute. This article mainly introduces difference between Welsh corgi and Pembroke corgi.

Pembroke Corgi Appearance

The Pembroke Corgi has a sturdy body with a wide chest and full muscles. Small but very powerful, the barking is even more surprising. The head cover is flat and wide, the forehead angle is moderate, the nose is black, and the nose is thin. The ears are medium in size, erect, and slightly rounded. The eyes are medium-sized and round, and the color is brown, in harmony with the coat, and looks like a fox’s expression. The coat is of medium length and dense, with sable, mustard, black and brown coats, and some are white. Corgi has a bib-like coat on the chest that other breeds do not have. The limbs are short and strong, and the bones are strong and strong. The feet are oval, with broad soles and thick, short claws, strong toes, and fairly raised toes. The middle two toes are longer than the outer ones. Tails are inherently short, and short tails are popular, otherwise they must be docked.

Welsh Corgi Appearance

There are two types of Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and there are some differences between the two types. The Pembroke Corgi has a shorter body and is relatively lighter. In terms of temperament, the Pembroke Corgi is more agitated, not as docile and tame as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Corgi has always been a pet of the British royal family. The overall appearance is low, strong, sturdy, alert and lively, agile in appearance, and strong in endurance.

The weight of the male dog is generally 13.61kg; the female dog does not exceed 12.70kg, and the shoulder height is 25.4-30.5 cm. The shape of the head resembles a fox, the eyes are oval, they are not too big or small, not round or prominent, brown, with black margins, erect ears, hard, medium-sized, and sensitive to sound. The lips are black, tightly closed, and not full.

difference between welsh corgi and pembroke corgi

The body is long and has good balance. The back is firm and level, the ribs are elastic, and the chest is deep. It hangs down between the forelegs, the forelegs are short, and the feet are oval. Generally, the wolf toe will be removed regardless of the front paws and hind paws. The most distinctive feature is Corgi’s hips, which are slightly wider relative to the width of the body, but it is because of Corgi’s cute butt that makes it one of the reasons why many people love it. As for Corgi’s tail, the short tail is usually chosen.

The Welsh Corgi’s gait is very smooth with the forelimbs stretched freely, but not raised too high. Viewed from the front, its limbs are not on a parallel plane when walking, but slightly retracted to make up for the short legs. .

Corgi’s coat is moderate in length, and the outer coat is long and rough, but the inner undercoat is short, thick and soft. The key lies in the neck hair. Whether a Corgi neck hair looks good or not directly affects its appearance. Corgi’s coat should be trimmed in time to make it look more energetic.

Welsh Corgi Character

Although Corgi has a short stature, he is strong and energetic. It makes people feel strong and has a gentle personality. He likes to be with children. He is born to exercise and barking, so it is best to train him from an early age. Don’t bark indiscriminately.

As one of the most popular small watchdogs, the Welsh Corgi is friendly in nature, brave and bold, not timid or mischievous. The personality is relatively mild, but you’d better not force it to accept things it doesn’t want to accept, so you should be careful when training Corgi, you should not rush it and punish it too severely, and reward him if you do well. Corgi’s wisdom is undoubtedly small, but it is quite alert and can protect your home very well. If a thief breaks in, its cry will wake you up as soon as possible.

Pembroke Corgi Character

The Pembroke Corgi has a gentle personality and is easy to become a good friend of humans. As a herding dog, it has superior judgment ability and can calmly analyze the surrounding situation and make appropriate responses.

Its training ability is very strong, it will actively do things that interest it, and it can quickly learn the movements taught by the master. It is very dependent and likes to stick to its owner. However, there is no problem leaving it at home for a long time. It is very vigilant. It is a very good working dog. What you should pay attention to is that it is easy to get fat, and obesity will cause back bone pain, so you must control your diet.