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Difference between Pitbull terrier and Staffordshire terrier

The Staffordshire Bull terrier has a kind temperament and is very attentive, meek and loyal to his owner. The Bull Terriers are bred for gentlemen. For this reason, these gentlemen strongly demand fair play, and everyone should not compete with fraudsters. The Staffordshire Bull terrier and the Bull terrier are popular because of their different personalities and characteristics. Bull Terriers are naturally active and extremely excited, individual dogs or after artificial training are competitive. This article mainly introduces the differences between Pitbull terrier and Staffordshire terrier that are much loved by humans.

Different personality between Pitbull terrier and Staffordshire terrier

People who don’t know the Bull terrier actually don’t know that the Bull terrier is actually a very friendly dog. It relies on its temperament to thrive and sometimes fight and play. Most people prefer a relatively balanced animal to an animal that is weird in some respects. But in general, the Bull terrier has a perfect combination as a fighting dog-lively and alert.

The Bull terrier is relatively docile, smart and obedient, loyal to the owner and obedient, especially kind and friendly to children, kind and patient. The Bull terrier is a combination of the personality of a distinguished guest and the body of a bull terrier. Faithful home guard dog.

difference between pitbull terrier and staffordshire terrier

The Staffordshire Bull terrier is agile and elegant. The head is thick and broad as a slate, two powerful jaws, and the neck and body are strong. In order to accommodate the wide jaws, the face between the two jaws looks particularly wide. The small triangular ears stand upright on the top of the head, and the eyes are round and bright. Broad and muscular chest. The back is slightly longer than the height, the front legs are straight and strong, and the hind limbs are strong and strong. The whole body is thick, short and shag, with colors of yellow, brown, black, blue, etc. The area of ​​white markings does not exceed 20% of the whole body (except for white dogs). The Staffordshire Bull terrier is a short-haired dog. As far as his size is concerned, he has great strength. Although he is very muscular, he is still very active and agile. Judging from the history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the modern Staffordshire Bull terrier has an indomitable quality, extremely intelligent and tough. It’s very affectionate towards friends, very calm and trustworthy which make him a top omnipotent dog.

Different hair between Pitbull terrier and Staffordshire terrier

The hair of the Bullhead terrier is short and hard, and the hair is smooth and shiny. The hair color is pure white, red, mustard, black markings, black and white and yellowish brown, etc. Blue and pig liver are more popular. The hair is short, flat, neat, and rough to the touch. In winter, there are soft and textured hairs.

The American Stafford Terrier’s back hair is smooth, short and close-fitting, and the tentacles must not be trimmed or plucked. Hair is short, hard and shiny.

Different eyes between Pitbull terrier and Staffordshire terrier

The eyes of the Bull terrier are triangular, with the corners of the eyes facing upward, sunken, and the color is black or dark.

The eyes of the American Stafford terrier are mostly dark, but they can also be similar to the coat color. Eyes are round and medium in size, looking straight ahead. Light-colored eyes or magenta eye edges are considered a defect, except when the coat surrounding the eyes is white, the eye edges can be magenta purple.