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Difference between Pitbull and Staffordshire

The Bull terrier and the American Staffordshire are two very loyal and popular dog breeds. They show some interesting differences, so it is necessary to discuss them. There are many similarities between them, but it is important to know the difference, because any stranger can easily misidentify the two.

Pit bull

Pitbull is a great dog breed with beautiful body, well-developed muscles, extremely intelligent mind, tenacious will, amazing endurance, and good hygiene habits. The American Federal Dog will recognize it as the world’s number one dog breed. A perfect Pitbull makes people love and hate. What he loves is a beautiful curve, a healthy body, a tenacious will, an absolutely clever mind, and a reliance on and trust in people. What is hateful is making troubles, fighting bravely and swearing to the death. The world’s first bulldog. Venezuela prohibits the breeding and introduction of this breed. The skull is large, flat or slightly rounded, deep, and wide between the ears. The muzzle is wide and deep, and it gradually becomes thinner from the junction of the muzzle and the skull to the nose, and the bottom of the eyes will be slightly inclined. The neck is of moderate length and well muscled. The chest is deep, full, and of appropriate width, with enough space for the heart and lungs.

difference between pitbull and staffordshire

Two Pit Bulls

American Staffordshire

In the United States, the more breeders of Stafford bullfighters like individuals who are taller and more powerful than the original Stafford of the United Kingdom. Then they set out to train their own Stafford and registered the American Stafford in 1936. The vast majority of American Staffords are generally the result of early Irish Staffords, Dudley’s crosses with Irish Bulldogs, old English and American working bulldogs, and are generally used for fighting and hunting. But in the end they all became valuable family companion dogs and property guard dogs, which became popular in the United States in a very short time. It is clearly different from the American pit breed. Even though these two dogs have this common history in the early days, it is also because most of the pits are registered under the name of Stafford, which confuses the line between Stafford and Bit. , Causing controversy in this regard. This is an extremely muscular dog breed, it is strong and powerful, and requires early socialization and obedience training. American Stafford is very loyal to his owner and is a family dog ‚Äčloved by all Americans. Even if it is mainly used for display and as a companion dog, it still needs strong control, otherwise it will cause unimaginable consequences when other dogs are provoked. Generally able to cut ears or maintain natural ears. Unlike Bits, the pure American Stafford does not allow blood lines with red noses. The average shoulder height is 20 inches (51cm), and there may also be oversized individuals. Thy are very curious and brave.