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Difference between Pitbull and Bull terrier

Among the bulldogs, the Pitbull and Bull terrier are more famous, and many people compare these two dog breeds. Therefore, when many people want to raise a bulldog, they don’t know which breed to choose. This article mainly introduces the difference between Pitbull and Bull terrier from several aspects!

Different ear characteristics between Pitbull and Bull terrier

The Pitbull’s ears are quite high on the head, and the inner edge of the front of the ear is connected to the outline of the head, and is located at the back corner of the top of the head. The ears are quite small and thin. The shape is the so-called rose ear.

The ears of the Bull terrier are small and thin, and the ears are close together. When the ears point upwards, they must be firm enough to stay upright.

Different head features between Pitbull and Bull terrier

The bulldog’s head is very large, wide, and square. The head is high and the distance from the nose to the posterior occiput is quite short. The forehead is fairly flat, and the face is neither protruding nor drooping. The cheeks are round and protrude to the sides, beyond the reach of the eyes. The face, starting from the front of the cheekbones to the tip of the nose, is very short, the muzzle is very short, wide, and turned up, and it is very deep from the corners of the eyes to the corners of the mouth.

The Bull Terrier’s head has a long head, and the strong stop is deep and not rough to the end of the muzzle. The face is round and oval, and the entire facial contour appears plump and upward with no recesses or broken parts, which is approximately egg-shaped. The flat forehead lies between the ears. The lower jaw is deep and well-defined.

difference between pitbull and bull terrier

Different tail characteristics between Pitbull and Bull terrier

The bulldog’s tail is straight or spiraled, short and drooping, and its posture is firmly downward, with thick roots and thin tips. If the tail is straight, it is cylindrical. If it is a spiral shape, the bend in the tangled area is very clear, and the knot is relatively flat.

The Bull Terrier’s tail is short and thin, and the position is low. The flat raised state is ideal. The part where the tail meets the body is thick, and then gradually becomes thinner.

Different uses between Pitbull and Bull terrier

The bulldog is a caring companion dog. The dog can also be used to guard the courtyard and is very dedicated. The dog is good at hunting rats. Moreover, the hunting rat is extremely hard, cruel, and merciless.

After the Bull terrier was later banned by law, it became a popular and fashionable companion dog, especially popular with ladies.

Different temperament between Pitbull and Bull terrier

The bulldog is kind, honest, loyal, persistent, brave, has a unique taste, and fully expresses its expression and movement. It is kind to children, but also an excellent toy dog with strong style, strong ability and strong curiosity for new things.

Pitbull terriers also have a romantic temperament in their bones. They have an extremely good attitude towards the breeder, and they are more understanding. If the owner is too depressed, they will use their own methods to please the owner. The French Bulldog is very kind to the breeder and the guests at home.

Different feeding methods between Pitbull and Bull terrier

Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise. Except for the general symptoms of poor breathing due to flat faces and tight mouth and jaws during the process of improving the breed, they rarely get sick. At the same time, you should pay attention to environmental hygiene and keep the air fresh. The weather is hot in summer, so care should be taken to prevent heat stroke.

When the Bull terrier grows up, you can eat homemade dog food. Homemade dog food and buy dog food are eaten together, as long as the nutrition is balanced, calcium tablets are given every day. You can use meat, carrots, celery, or other nutritious vegetables, eggs, flour, cornmeal, and stir with water to make steamed rice balls, one at a time. You can also put some calcium powder and hair beauty powder in it.