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Difference between Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles

Although the King Charles Spaniel is called a hound, it has never been used as a hound. It is the only dog named after a king. It is a companion dog loved by nobles and belongs to a small dog. The Cocker Spaniel used to be a real hunting dog, and usually docks its tail. It is a medium-sized dog. Now it has become one of the best choices for companion dogs. This passage is talking about differences between Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles.

Different morphological characteristics

The Cocker Spaniel has a round head, a wide and deep mouth, and the upper lip covers the lower lip; the teeth are strong and scissors bite. The nostrils are fully opened. The eyes are bright and soft, and the color depends on the color of the coat. The ears are long and curly. The neck is muscular. The tail is raised to the level behind. This coat is of medium length and has a silky structure. The color is pure black with spots of different shades such as suede, cream, and flower colors.

The ears of the King Charles Spaniel are high and well-spaced. The coat is rich and the ears are long and wide. The lips are not drooping and the outline is clear. The hind limbs are parallel to each other. The forelegs are straight, the pelvis is broad and muscular. The knee is bent well. The chest of the King Charles Spaniel is as deep as the elbow, and the abdomen is slightly upward. The neck is quite long, there is no guttural sound, and the muscles are full and arched. It has black nose, no plaques, nostrils upward. The eyes are large and round, do not protrude outward, and are far apart; the color is dark brown, and the eyes are bright and transparent. There is a soft pad under the eyes with black edges.

difference between cocker spaniel and cavalier king charles

The size of the King Charles Spaniel is slightly square, with obvious arched skulls. Short back, deep and wide chest, short nose and wide and upturned muzzle. It is usually 23-27 cm tall, 4-6 kg in weight. Cocker Spaniel is actually the American Cork Spaniel and the English Cork. The former has long hair covered with wavy or smooth thick hair, long ears, round and solid thick soles, and it is 36-38 cm in height and 11-13 kg in weight. The latter has shorter hair than the former, with a lower tail and long silky hair on the ears.

Different origin between Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles

1.The ancestor of the Cocker Spaniel is a spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel was originally introduced from Spain to the United Kingdom to hunt poultry, and then brought to the United States for large-scale breeding and improvement, becoming two smaller Cocker Spaniels.


2.The ancestors of the King Charles Spaniel are beagles originally from Spain and France. It was named Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because it was loved by King Charles I of England. This is an improved dog breed.

Different personality between Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles

1. The most common way for a cocker spaniel to express excitement and happiness is to vigorously swing its tail and jump to a high place. In many cases, Cocker Spaniels will also express themselves with a smile. The specific manifestations are wrinkles on the nose, open upper lip, teeth exposed, and its eyes slightly closed.

Sometimes even squinted into a crack (just like when people laugh), the eyes are gentle, the mouth is slightly open, the ears are stretched back, the nose is humming, and the body is softly twisted.

The Cocker Spaniel has a strong and compact body and a well-defined and delicate head. The body is strong, well-proportioned, and the size is ideal. Its front legs stand upright to support the shoulders, while the shape of the back is slightly inclined from the shoulders to the muscular hindquarters. They have both speed and endurance when they exercise. The personality is free and lively, the temperament is stable, and there is no sign of shyness.

2.The King Charles Spaniel is a lively, elegant and well-proportioned toy dog, very gorgeous and generous. It has the characteristics of sports, brave, and at the same time, it also is such anelegant, cute animal. In this species, this typical aristocratic temperament is very important, it contains the real noble and royal appearance. The nature of this species is natural and does not need to be trimmed, carved or altered.