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Difference between a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Many people like to raise sheepdogs, but they choose depression between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. This article focuses on the difference between a border collie and Australian shepherd.

Border Collie history

The Border Collie is native to the Scottish border. It is a kind of Collie. It has a strong shepherding instinct. It is intelligent in nature, good at observing words and colors, can accurately understand the owner’s instructions, and can drive the movement or rotation of the flock by looking at it. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world’s dog breed IQ.

Australian Shepherd history

Although the Australian Shepherd is named after Australia, the main breeding country is the United States. The original purpose of cultivating this dog was to cultivate a full range of shepherd dogs and help humans do many things. In addition to being able to look after a wide range of livestock, the Australian Shepherd has excellent performance in assisting the police in arresting criminals, tracing drugs, and performing search and rescue tasks. It can be said to be an all-round dog. Ranked 10th in the world’s dog breed IQ.

The difference between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd

1. Purpose

Border collies are mostly used as working dogs on the ranch, but they cannot be used as police dogs.

The Australian Shepherd is a true multi-purpose dog, it is easy to adapt to different environments. The Australian Shepherd serves humans in all aspects, such as guide dogs, deaf guide dogs, drug screening and search or housekeeping dogs.

difference between a Border Collie and Australian shepherd4

2. Color

The colors of the Border Collie are black and white, brown and white, and yellow and white

The Australian Shepherd’s color is variable and very individual, including blue merle, black, red merle or all red, and may also have white markings.

3. Personality

The Border Collie is smart by nature, able to observe words and colors, and it can really understand the instructions of the owner, but is very mobile

Although the Australian Shepherd is not as smart as shepherd you, it is very quiet.

4. Closeness to people

A border collie is more clingy and close to everyone, including strangers. The Australian Shepherd is slightly less sticky and has reservations about strangers. It will take some time to gain trust.

5. Compliance

The Border Collie relies on its high IQ and poor obedience, while the Australian Shepherd is a multi-purpose dog breed. Generally, dogs that can be police dogs have better obedience.

The same disadvantages of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd:

Whether it is a border animal husbandry or an Australian animal husbandry, they are long-haired dogs, and their hair loss is very serious, so in addition to often helping them to groom their hair, they must also pay attention to their diet. It is best not to feed them. For human food, it is best to use dog food as the main food. After all, it is scientifically developed and has more balanced nutrition.

When choosing dog food for dogs, the owner should pay attention to low salt, low oil content, rich nutrients, and no additives. It is best to choose a low-salt formula, a natural food containing deep-sea fish oil, rich in nutrients and easy to absorb, to help fix the beauty of hair, and it is best to mix with fresh vegetables and meat, so that dogs will be more willing to eat.

Dog training snacks

If you want a dog to be obedient, of course, you must train the dog. In fact, you can use the method of snack induction when training the side herd. If you eat it, it will suit you well, but the bite force of the shepherd dog is generally stronger. Therefore, when choosing dog snacks, it is best to choose something that has good palatability and helps teeth grinding.

Border collie or Australian shepherd, who do you prefer?