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Criteria of heatstroke in dogs

On a hot summer day, dog heatstroke can easily lead to death if not treated. Since most of the heat in a dog’s body is excreted through the sweat of its tongue, dogs are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke if their owners don’t have a tail to keep them warm during the summer, so how do we tell if a dog is suffering from heatstroke?


1. Judge heatstroke by the dog’s actions

Most dogs that pant quickly are rejuvenated by simply rehydrating them and resting in the shade. But when they get too hot, the effects of heatstroke can follow. There are signs of heatstroke when the dog appears to be panting, fidgeting, barking, and drooling. It will then be difficult to breathe, head up to the neck to breathe or eyes sluggish, at this time if the owners do not do the appropriate treatment, the dog will be shocked coma, and eventually, lead to death.


2. Find other ways to tell if the dog has heatstroke

To determine whether a dog is suffering from heatstroke, the owner can use touch or observation in addition to external behavior and reactions. For example, whether the pet is in a hot, hot environment, whether the body temperature is much higher than usual. Or from the pet abdomen hairless parts of observation, the skin whether the occurrence of flush, bleeding spots, blood spots, and so on, maybe signs of heatstroke.

3. What can I do to relieve my dog’s heatstroke?

If the dog is suffering from heatstroke, the owner should give the dog tap water in small quantities and several times, and move the dog to a cool place. The owner can then cool the dog’s neck, armpits, and thighs with an ice pillow or water. The owner should take the dog to the hospital as soon as possible after the dog has recovered and the temperature of the ear is about the same as usual. If the dog is seriously unconscious, the owner should immediately wet the dog with running water and cool the neck, armpits, and thighs with an ice towel. At this time, the owner must not force the dog to drink water, which is likely to have the risk of choking.


4. What should we do if the dog has a fever?

The best way is for the owner to take the dog to the hospital right away. After all, many dog owners aren’t healers or doctors, but they play an important role in immediately reducing the risk to the dog’s life. If the owner found that the dog is in a fever, it should be rushed to the hospital, must not drag down, if drag down is likely to lose this loyal partner.

After the owner is sure that the dog has a real fever, before sending the dog to the hospital, can let the dog take a tablet of fever medicine, can take medicine before going to the hospital.

Owners can also use alcohol wipes. After the owner knows that the dog has a fever and is treated, the dog’s footpads, stomach, and ears are rubbed with alcohol at regular intervals, and an ice pack is placed over the dog’s stomach and picked up a minute later, put it back on for a while and do it over and over again.