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Common yo chon health problems

Yo Chon may inherit some common health problems of his parents. However, there is no guarantee that your yo Chon will get sick because of these diseases. A lot of this depends on the gene of a yo Chon and its lifestyle. To make sure your yo Chon is healthy, always from a reputable source (not a little yo Chon mill or pet shop) to give them a good balanced quality diet and provide a lot of exercise, little yo Chon.

Some of the health problems you should pay attention to include calf Perth disease, knee spondylolisthesis, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy, dental problems and eye problems. Be sure to have regular checkups with your veterinarian (especially when your yo Chon is old) to ensure that any yo Chon health problems are detected and treated as soon as possible. Yo Chon is generally in good health and most people will live to be teenagers.


Patellar dislocation

The main health problem of Yo Chon is the dislocation of patella of little yo Chon, which is the effect of knee bone ejection. Only when yo Chon is seriously affected and cannot move, surgery is needed to treat the health problems of Yo Chon. For those whose quality of life is not affected, they are usually able to cope well with the situation. Some people will need supportive care because their age due to osteoarthritis is often accompanied by this yo Chon health problem in the elderly.

Legg Calv é Perthes disease

The health problem of Yo Chon is an orthopedic disease. It is believed that the health problem of Yo Chon is caused by the blood flowing to the top of the long bone of the hind leg. The affected yo Chon will walk stiff and the thigh muscles will be obviously damaged. Radiographs are used to diagnose disease. The most common procedure for yo Chon’s health problems is known as “osteotomy of the femoral head and neck,” in which damaged bones are removed and scar tissue can replace them.

Portosystemic shunting

This health problem of Yo Chon leads to growth retardation from birth and may show symptoms such as walking instability, tremor and diarrhea. For most people, the symptoms of Yo Chon’s health problems worsen over time. Diagnosing this health problem with yo Chon can be tricky, and animals usually undergo a series of tests, including blood tests and scans. Ideally, the affected animals will undergo surgery to correct this yo Chon health problem, although medical management is needed first to stabilize the patient.

Nose problem

Some yo Chon have a slight rhinorrhea and are licked off before the owner notices. This kind of health problem is not uncommon. However, if your yo Chon has an obvious runny nose, whether it’s clear or colored discharge, this is a cause for concern.


As for wet and dry, cold and warm, all these attributes change in a day, which is actually normal. So, while you may have heard that yo Chon should have a cold, wet nose, having a warm, dry nose is not necessarily a bad sign. That is to say, when it is dry enough to see scales and flakes, it must be a red flag of the crack. In some cases, you can use high-quality nasal butter to solve yo Chon’s health problems.

Eye problems

When yo Chon wakes up for the first time in the morning, it’s normal to see a little “sleep.”. Using dog face wipes as part of your yo Chon’s daily grooming will take care of Yo Chon’s health. However, the health problems of Yo Chon such as excessive discharge, any severe crusting, or chronic tearing should not be ignored. Usually, the cause of these yo Chon health problems can be solved when steps are taken to prevent and treat tear marks.



This health problem of Yo Chon is a common symptom of dental problems; dental care at home can solve this problem, and any stubborn bad breath should be reported to the veterinarian. This health problem of Yo Chon may be due to a series of problems, from tooth infection to kidney disease. This health problem of Yo Chon may be caused by improper washing and / or use of inferior products when bathing; however, it may also be caused by skin yeast infection, etc. So if using better shampoo and following bath guidelines doesn’t solve the smell, this yo Chon health problem is a reason for a veterinary visit.

Breathing problems

If your yo Chon has difficulty breathing, coughing, or making strange sounds when inhaling or exhaling, this yo Chon’s health problem may be an allergic reaction, obstruction, or other serious health condition. Buy a Yo Chon.

Collapse of trachea

The health problems of Yo Chon are common in small breeds, including Maltese. Therefore, there is a genetic defect in the cartilage ring around the trachea, which eventually leads to the inward collapse of the cartilage ring. In addition to genetic factors, the neck of a toy variety may suddenly suffer acute injury. This health problem of Yo Chon is usually caused by wearing a belt and collar. This health problem of Yo Chon can be a very painful and difficult to treat situation. Symptoms of Yo Chon’s health problems include coughing (sometimes accompanied by strange horn sounds), intolerance to exercise or wheezing.