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Common tosa inu health problems

Tosa INU is a healthy breed, but like other large dogs, it often suffers from gastric volvulus (bloating). Tosa INU other health problems such as hip dysplasia and eye conditions are also common in dogs. However, random veterinary examination and occasional testing will keep the dog healthy and fit. Even before you buy, you can ask your parents about their health history.

Is Tosa INU usually healthy?


Most of Tosa INU enjoy good health. At the same time, you can’t turn a blind eye to some congenital health problems. Selective and cross breeding programs have damaged Tosa’s health in a specific way. As a potential owner of Tosa INU, you should note that your large dog may be prone to these Tosa INU health problems:

Skin sensibility

Tosa often suffers from this health problem of Tosa INU. The irritants that cause redness may range from food to pollen, dust mites, etc. Once you have the first symptom / symptom of this Tosa INU health problem, take your dog to the vet. Don’t ignore this because it can aggravate the infection. Before it becomes a nightmare, try to find out why and start treatment.

Elbow hip dysplasia

The health problem of Tosa INU is that large dogs usually have joint related problems. The abnormal growth of joints, especially elbow and hip joints, which is a health problem of Tosa INU, can lead to the development of pain. For a while, it can also cause your dog to limp because of joint pain.

Before getting one, check whether Tosa’s ancestors have these problems. This situation is usually hereditary, which must be reflected in the certificates of both parents. It’s best to choose a dog that doesn’t have the health problems of Tosa INU. But another reason is to find a reputable breeder for your dog.


Most of the health problems of this Tosa INU are benign, and the disease sometimes occurs in the form of peaks of potassium in the blood. Don’t feed your dog onions and garlic, which will make the health problem of Tosa INU worse. If it becomes too sleepy or you observe an irregular heartbeat, seek medical attention immediately.


Thyroxine deficiency can lead to Tosa’s weight gain. You may confuse this with skin allergies, but they are different. If you observe symptoms of this health problem with Tosa INU, have your dog undergo a comprehensive health examination, along with a thyroid examination.

This health problem of Tosa INU is a relatively common cause of weight gain and hair loss in this breed. The symptoms of this Tosa INU health problem may overlap with the allergic symptoms mentioned above, so blood tests are often involved in any investigation to detect thyroid hormone levels.


If you have a dog at home, you should always pay attention to the health problems of Tosa INU. So called gastric volvulus, if this health problem of Tosa INU is not handled properly, it will threaten your dog’s life. Once you see the symptoms, take Tosa inur to the vet and straighten his stomach.

Allergic dermatosis

Tosa INU is prone to allergic skin diseases. This health problem of Tosa INU may be caused by a series of allergens, from dust mites to food ingredients. Typical allergic symptoms include redness and irritation of the ears, face, paws and perineum, which may develop to secondary skin infections, hair loss and crusting. Pathogenic allergens are difficult to identify, but may involve skin scraping, food and drug testing. Buy a Tosa Inu.

Behavioral disorders


As mentioned above, Tosa has a strong personality and tends to be aggressive. In the wrong hands, this aggression is hard to control, and every year many dogs surrender for this reason. This kind of health problem of Tosa INU is best prevented through early socialization and training, because the recovery of a big, aggressive dog is full of difficulties.

Elbow dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is common in many large varieties, including Tosa INU. Symptoms of this Tosa INU health problem usually appear as early as 5 months of age, when abnormal growth in one or more parts of the joint causes pain and claudication. Due to the breed’s inherently high pain threshold, symptoms may not be noticed until adulthood, as this Tosa INU health problem may have irreversible arthritis changes.

Dysplasia of hip joint

This Tosa INU health problem has many characteristics associated with elbow dysplasia, as it may be first noticed in young dogs, resulting in joint discordance that eventually leads to hip osteoarthritis. This Tosa INU health problem has a strong genetic component, and the hip and elbow scoring program has long been implemented to remove affected adults from the breeding population. Anyone considering buying Tosa should insist on the score certificates of both parents.