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Common shiranian health problems

Shiranian did not suffer from too many health problems. The biggest health problem for shiranian is depression. These dogs often feel lonely when shiranian’s owner is away, which is why this pet is not ideal for professionals who are at home most of the time. Once shiranian is depressed, it can lead to different health problems.

Health problems of shiranian parents


Shiranian’s purebred parents are prone to the shiranian health problem of hip dysplasia. Some parents inherit the problem, though the chances of acquiring it are low. Another possible health problem for shiranian, this species may suffer from respiratory problems. It’s important to keep shiranian’s respiratory system healthy because shiranian’s parents are prone to respiratory problems. One possible reason for this problem is the size of the dog, because the shiranian is very small. It may also be due to the dog’s small nose. Shiranian may inherit her parents’ health problems, such as epilepsy, eye problems, leg pain, patellar dislocation, tracheal collapse, kidney and bladder problems, liver problems, umbilical hernia, allergies, hip dysplasia, tooth problems, ear infections, sneezing and nasal congestion. Before you buy a puppy, you should ask to see your parents’ health license. You should visit the owner of the puppy and check its condition.

Testing of shiranian’s health problems

When shiranian was a puppy, I strongly recommended going to the vet once a month for a health check-up. Occasional tests on shiranian’s elbows, hips and skin are critical to shiranian’s health. In addition, if you want to avoid such things or reduce the chance of getting an unhealthy hybrid, you have to find a reputable breeder who provides health insurance or guarantee. You have to make sure shiranian offers health insurance or insurance for mixed puppies like these. Many people have been found with a breeder who does not provide any health care or insurance for puppies. I find that most people in shiranian tend to lie to shiranian’s famous dogs. We suggest that you don’t trust these growers. Shiranian doesn’t deserve your trust, time and money. You must make sure that your adopted shiranian has a health permit under certain conditions.

Shiranian’s eye health problems

Your shiranian has a friendly face and big eyes. That’s one of the reasons shiranian is so popular. However, you may have noticed that this kind of shiranian health problem can cause the dog’s eyes to stand out. This protuberance means it’s easy to hurt shiranian’s eyes. Make sure you take reasonable measures to prevent these injuries. Keep your dog out of your house and keep your shiranian away from thorns and branches. When shiranian fights with children and other pets in the house, keep a close eye on this kind of shiranian health problem.

Health problems of shiranian degenerative myelopathy

This shiranian health problem is a neurological disease that occurs in elderly dogs. Diabetes affects lower body muscle mass and motor function in dogs. Therefore, diabetes can cause your teacher to urinate or defecate carelessly. Diabetes is incurable, but you shiranian don’t need pain. This kind of shiranian health problem can make it difficult for dogs to stand up, but there are some solutions that can make you shiranian mobile. Sports videos can help dogs feed themselves. It helps blood circulation and increases sensation in affected areas. Partially paralyzed, she can use a wheelchair. We have custom-made wheelchairs for dogs in the K9 wheelbarrow, specially tailored for each dog. Shiranian helps dogs stay active and happy.

However, suffering from this shiranian health problem requires a lot of rest. Exercise is very tiring for shiranian with diabetes. If your grandson has diabetes, you need to find a comfortable bed for shiranian. Shiranian will take a lot of time. So take the initiative to avoid bedsores. Keep your bed spotless and wash your shiranian regularly.

Shiranian spine health issues

Shih Tzus is prone to disc herniation or disc disease (IVDD). The dog’s spine has discs that buffer nerves and vertebrae, just like we do. This shiranian health problem can swell, inflame or slide out of its normal position. Disc herniation can cause discomfort. In the worst case, disc slippage can paralyze your shiranian to some extent. Due to loss of motor function, pain and depression may occur in mild cases. Shiranian’s back health problem is another disease that can be alleviated by customizing the K9 cart dog wheelchair. If you shiranian slips a disc, loses motor function, and struggles around, please consider contacting us and arranging a consultation. If you may have one of these shiranian health problems, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Detection of hypothyroid health problems

Since hypothyroidism cannot be diagnosed by naked eye examination, it is a sign that must be determined by professional medical staff. Shiranian often suffers from hypothyroidism, and the thyroid does not produce enough hormones to regulate metabolism.

This shiranian health problem can lead to weight gain and other symptoms. Owners of infected poodles need to pay special attention to their weight. Thyroid drugs should normalize hormone secretion, so if a shiranian is overweight even after proper treatment, it may indicate that other factors of this shiranian health problem are at work.

Health problems of shiranian conjunctivitis


Symptoms of shiranian health problems with conjunctivitis or red eyes include eye secretions, swelling, marked discomfort, and red or pink eyes. In your shiranian, this common shiranian health problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including allergies or objects in the eyes. Pink eyes can be transmitted by contact, which is a form of bacteria between dogs. This shiranian health problem can also spread in the air in the form of a virus, usually during wet, cold months. Treatment for this eye infection usually includes medication to reduce swelling and repel bacteria.