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Common shichi health problems

Shichi dogs are considered to be long-lived dogs, and Shichi has no major health problems, just like Shichi’s parent breed. If you choose to bring a Shichi into your family, you should be ready to give your dog endless love for many years.

Is Shichi usually healthy?


Because Shichi is a hybrid, Shichi may inherit health problems, usually with Shichi’s parents. These include respiratory problems, eye problems, obesity and hypoglycemia. However, this does not necessarily mean that your dog will suffer from any of these conditions, as it is difficult for Shichi to predict the specific Shichi health problems that may occur. In addition, Shichi is bred by heterosis, which makes the offspring genetically stronger and healthier than Shichi’s parents.

Health problems of Shichi parents

Shichi’s parents may have a variety of eye health problems, so it’s important to check your Shichi’s eyes regularly. In addition, because this cute puppy is too small, you should not leave Shichi outside for too long, whether it is hot or cold outside. In fact, you can put your Shichi in lovely clothes to keep him warm when he needs to go out when the weather is cold, because it will prevent shivering.

Shichi’s life expectancy

Like Shichi’s parent breed, Shichi is considered a long-lived dog. Once you choose to bring a Shichi into your life, be ready to give that puppy endless love for many years. Shichi’s life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

Although, since Shichi is a hybrid, the dog may inherit the breed related to Shichi’s parents. It’s difficult to predict which specific diseases a dog may develop.

Shichi common genetic diseases

Remember, Shichi is bred by heterosis, which makes Shichi’s offspring stronger and healthier than their parents.

Health problems of Shichi keratitis

One health condition that Shichi people may inherit is keratitis, or inflammation of the cornea, which can lead to ulcers. In this case, your Shichi may need surgery, otherwise corneal ulcers can lead to blindness, if severe.

Health problems of Shichi’s exophthalmos

This is another eye related health problem with Shichi that may affect your Shichi. If a dog inherits the facial features of a shihi dog, Shichi may suffer from this health problem. Exophthalmos refers to the eyeball out of the eye socket, eyelid closed. This kind of Shichi health problem is very painful and requires immediate surgery, because Shichi can also lead to blindness.

Health problems of Shichi patellar dislocation

This kind of Shichi’s health problem comes from Chihuahua. If Shichi likes the dog, it may affect Shichi. This Shichi health problem occurs when the kneecap relaxes and slides out of the groove. The severity varies from dog to dog. It may be hereditary, or it may be caused by jumping too high or obesity.

Health problems of Shichi with hypoglycemia

This health problem is more common in young Chihuahua and Shih Shih dogs. This happens when your Shichi consumes more energy than your Shichi consumes. Because of Shichi’s small stomach, this kind of Shichi’s health problem is easy to appear. Hypoglycemia can lead to death if not treated. If you see Shichi with symptoms of this health problem, such as difficulty walking, weakness, or stiffness, you should take the dog to the vet immediately.

Toy dogs are usually healthy, but Shichi does have a higher risk of hypoglycemia than normal sized dogs. Shichi’s hypoglycemic health problem occurs when you don’t feed your dog. Because of Shichi’s short stature, you may want to feed Shichi less, but because Shichi is too active, Shichi will soon consume energy.

If you feed Shichi a small amount of food many times a day, it can remedy Shichi’s health problems. You must go to the vet once your puppy reaches adulthood so that Shichi can determine your puppy’s calorie needs to reduce Shichi’s health problems.

How to reduce Shichi’s health problems?


Because Shichi’s is small, Shichi doesn’t need high heat. This also means Shichi has a higher risk of obesity health problems, so be careful when feeding these cubs regularly. As mentioned earlier, a small amount of multiple times a day is the best for Shichi, which can reduce Shichi’s health problems. Buy a Shichi.

Veterinarians recommend 140 to 325 calories of high-quality protein rich dog food a day to reduce Shichi’s health problems. You should pay attention to your dog’s level of activity to reduce Shichi’s health problems, because the more Shichi likes to play, the more he wants to eat. Usually, Shichi can eat half a glass to one cup of food every day.

However, you should pay attention to the calories in dog food to reduce Shichi’s health problems, rather than how many cups should be given every day, because there will be a big difference in the calories in dog food. You don’t want to accidentally feed your dog, because you measure it, not calories.