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Common shibos health problems

What are the common health problems of shibosyou? Shibos’ health problems include glandular dysfunction, eye health problems, patellar dislocation, hypothyroidism and so on.

Glandular dysfunction


Although most of shibos’ health problems are manageable, especially if they are detected early, some genetic defects may lead to more serious and permanent problems. Shibos is also prone to glandular problems, which include hypothyroidism, adrenal hyperfunction and Addison’s disease. Both adrenal hyperfunction and Addison’s disease are involved in adrenal disorders, resulting in excessive or insufficient secretion of key hormones. This kind of health problem has a variety of symptoms, so it is difficult to diagnose without laboratory tests. Some of the common symptoms of this health problem are severe appetite changes, weight gain or loss, hair loss, drowsiness and irregular digestion.


If there is anything bad about shibos’ health, it is that shibos’ eyes are very fragile. This health problem is a disease that slowly damages the optic nerve in the eye. The most common symptom is the accumulation of fluid, which causes obstruction in front of the eye and then puts pressure on the nerves.

Although the severity of different types of health problems varies, almost all of them can be treated (to a certain extent). If not treated, it usually leads to partial or complete blindness. However, different eye drops can be used to reduce fluid accumulation, and a variety of different surgeries are often successful in correcting this health problem.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

This shibos health problem is another disease that affects the eyes, but shibos is a degenerative disease, usually associated with heredity. This health problem occurs when the photoreceptors at the back of the eye start to fail, making it difficult to see in the dark. With the development of this kind of health problem, the situation of vision loss is more and more serious, even in the daytime will start to struggle. Unfortunately, PRA leads to total blindness. Although there is no cure for this health problem, PRA can be diagnosed before a dog becomes blind. This gives the dog and owner the right time to prepare for blindness.


This kind of shibos health problem usually occurs in the late life of shibos people, with different severity. When the lens of the eye appears cloudy, this kind of health problem will occur, which will eventually lead to the tear of the lens and make the pupil appear “cloudy”. There are many different types of cataracts that can usually be corrected by surgery and treatment.

Patellar dislocation

This kind of health problem occurs in the knee joint ligament weakness and dislocation, which often leads to the displacement of the knee bone in place. Shibos dogs may have this condition at birth, but it may also develop due to injury. The severity of this health problem varies widely. Some cases are mild and can be ignored, while others require corrective surgery. Symptoms of the shibos health problem include abnormal gait, walking pain, indecision about the weight of a leg, lameness, and, at worst, immobility. Depending on the degree of obstruction, there are many different treatments for this health problem, as it is common in all breeds of dogs. No life was ever in danger.



This kind of shibos health problem occurs when the thyroid gland of the shibos dog is abnormal. If the thyroid gland is not properly regulated (directly affecting metabolism), the dog will usually become drowsy, obese, and experience hair loss. Excessive urination is also a symptom of this health problem. If you suspect something is wrong with your shibos, then you have to check whether shibos has hypothyroidism, as if this kind of shibos health problem will become more serious if not treated. However, once diagnosed, it is easy to treat this health problem with drugs.

Epileptic seizure

Epileptic seizures in dogs are not exactly the same as human habits. Shibos can form an image of constantly running around, hiding in the corner at a loss, barking for no reason, and then freezing. Although this health problem usually does not endanger the dog’s life, it may also indicate a more serious problem. That’s why if you suspect that your dog has this kind of shibos health problem, it’s very important that you take shibos to a veterinarian and diagnose it. Usually, this kind of health problem can be eliminated or eradicated by drug treatment, depending on the severity of the pain. Buy a Shibos.


Shibos dogs are susceptible to allergies, which often lead to skin problems. The most common allergic symptoms in dogs are itching all over the body and repeated infections of ears and skin. This health problem may be due to the dog’s allergy to environmental factors such as flea bites, pollen and / or food ingredients.