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Common poochis health problems

What are the common health problems in poochi? The health problems of poochis include worm infection, ear infection, obesity, skin problems, dislocation of patella, periodontal disease, etc.

Intestinal helminth


This kind of poochis health problem is a common nuisance to poochis and cats. Poochis is susceptible to different kinds of worms. The health problems of poochis include tapeworms, hookworms and Trichuris. Your poochi may have been born with these insects, picked up from its environment (e.g., heart worms can be transmitted by mosquitoes), or ingested by fleas. It’s crucial that you keep this poochis regularly checked for health problems such as heart disease that can be life-threatening. Many people make the mistake of neglecting heartworm treatment. But cardiofilariasis is not only fatal, but also very expensive to treat once infected with this health problem of poochis. The average cost of treatment for this poochis health problem ranges from $1.00 to $1500, while the monthly cost of pest control ranges from $35 to $250 per year.

Ear infection

This kind of poochis health problem is one of the most common poochis health problems. Most poochis experience ear infections in their lifetime. The unique structure of the poochis ear makes it easy for water and debris to be trapped in the ear canal and may lead to infection. There are three main types of health problems: ear mites, bacterial infections and yeast infections. The best way to prevent this kind of health problem is to thoroughly dry poochi’s ears with a towel or cotton ball after swimming, and be careful when trimming long hair poochi’s ears.

Claw injury

The health problems of this poochis include inflammation caused by allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, toenail damage, and damage caused by heat or snow. Because the paws of poochis are not fully protected by hair, it is easy to cause the health problems of poochis. If your poochis have one of these common claw injuries, poochis tend to show signs of either chewing, licking or gnawing on the affected area. You can even see signs of this poochis health problem with bleeding, bruises, blisters, or bruises. Avoid walking on hot or cold sidewalks (some of the great parks we recommend here) and check your pet’s paws for dirt, grass seeds, or stones after play to prevent the health problems of the poochis.


This kind of health problem of poochis is a serious health problem for poochis. Although many owners overeat the poochis of poochis for love, it makes them vulnerable to a series of health problems. This health problem with poochi can lead to heart disease, liver and urinary tract infections, arthritis, diabetes, and reduced life and quality of life. When it comes to obese poochi, prevention of the health problem is key. Like humans, obese poochis need a weight management plan and a strict diet to get poochis back to their healthy weight range.

Skin problems

The skin problems that poochis usually experience, which can cause pain, discomfort, and itching. Atopic dermatitis is a common disease of poochis, which is usually the main cause of pruritus. Other common causes of the health problems of this poochi include mites and fleas, allergies and potential diseases. To prevent this kind of poochis health problem, you should provide high-quality, balanced porochis food, and deal with the poochis and fleas and ticks prevention. If your poochis are susceptible to allergies, you should avoid walking in the grass and visiting your veterinary allergy test if you are worried about poochis.


Patellar dislocation

It seems that the smaller the poochi, the more likely patella dislocation will occur. Veterinarians can usually diagnose the health problems of the poochis after performing orthopedic examinations and will feel the knee bone ejected or not in place. Over time, this unnatural exercise of the poochi health problem can lead to local arthritis and chronic inflammation, which leads to discomfort and inconvenience of movement.

Periodontal disease

Many small mouth poochis are prone to periodontal disease, and crossbreeding between poops and poodles seems to be over described. Fortunately, owners can reduce the risk of the health problems of the poochis by brushing their teeth every day and feeding dry kibbles, as well as by using products that can be added to food and water to reduce plaque.

Mitral Valve Disease

The unhealthy health of the poochis results in abnormal blood flow in the heart, which reduces the pumping efficiency of the heart. Cardiac murmur can be found in the early stage of this kind of health problem of poochi, and the diagnosis can be confirmed by echocardiography and chest X-ray. Although there is no cure for the health problems of poochi, drug therapy can significantly slow down the progress of MVD.