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Common pom shi health problems

What are the common health problems of Pom Shi? One of the reasons why there are so many design dog breeds is that crossbreeding can improve the quality of dogs, including reducing the health problems of Pom Shi. From hypoallergenic fur to the elimination of severe congenital diseases, many successes have been achieved in the field of dog breeding in the world.

However, not everything can be solved perfectly – sometimes introducing another breed into the gene pool will only make things worse and bring a whole set of other health problems to Pom Shi. Fortunately, the famous Pom Shi doesn’t have this problem. Generally speaking, these dogs are quite healthy and not affected by many genetic problems. Depending on which parent Pom Shi gets more characteristics from, it can determine whether Pom Shi is more susceptible to certain diseases. Of course, every dog may develop some problems, depending on Pom Shi’s lifestyle, health and diet. When it comes to this designer mix, there are several serious problems, as well as minor diseases that you should pay attention to.


The bone problem of Pom Shi

Pom Shi may have some potential conditions, such as patellar dislocation (dog knee dislocation), hip dysplasia, or patent ductus arteriosus (congenital heart defect). In addition, if your Pom Shi puppy is on the smaller side and likes to mix Pom, tooth loss may be a problem. Must maintain good dental hygiene, regular brushing to prevent plaque accumulation.

Patella dislocation

This Pom Shi health problem is the most common health problem that can affect Pom Shi, because in many “toy” varieties it is patellar dislocation, or sliding kneecap. The kneecaps either float in the middle of the leg or fuse together to prevent the leg from bending. This kind of Pom Shi has serious health problems. Normally, this Pom Shi health problem does not cause pain, but if it does, you can consult your veterinarian for medication.

To maintain joint health, especially in the dog’s legs and knees, I fed Pom Shi crushed alfalfa tablets, vitamin C powder and a natural glucosamine / cartilage protein supplement I bought at my local vitamin store. Just make sure Pom Shi doesn’t have all the nasty “fillers,” most supplements. It seems that this kind of health problem of Pom Shi is under control, and Pom Shi shows no signs of suffering.

Collapse of trachea

This kind of Pom Shi’s health problem is also a common problem of many kinds of toys, which can affect Pom Shi dogs. Pom affected by this kind of Pom Shi’s health problem may sound like a horn when excited, or Pom Shi may cough as if something is stuck in his throat.

This kind of Pom Shi’s health problem or, more popularly, tracheal collapse is a common cause of airway obstruction in dogs. The trachea, or “trachea,” is a tube made up of rigid cartilage rings, through which air enters and leaves the lungs. Sometimes, however, these rings start to collapse as air is squeezed through, a typical result of a trumpet cough. It is not clear why Pom Shi has such health problems. Pom Shi is considered to be a congenital abnormality. The number of chondrocytes in the tracheal ring is reduced (the structure of the ring is destroyed), so it should be weaker than Pom Shi. If your Pom Shi starts honking or coughing, call your veterinarian immediately.

Severe hair shedding

This kind of Pom Shi health problem will affect Pom Shi. This health problem of Pom Shi is often referred to as melanoderma, severe alopecia syndrome (SHLS), or alopecia X. An accurate diagnosis is often a very long, inconclusive and expensive exercise. The possible causes of this Pom Shi health problem are hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, eczema, mites, fungal infections and allergies. Ask your veterinarian to help diagnose the cause and suggest measures to remedy this Pom Shi health problem.

Heart problems

The health problems of Pom Shi range from extremely minor to life-threatening and are common in all dogs. Similar to humans, this Pom Shi health problem is associated with genetic factors and unhealthy lifestyles, including poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. The most common type of Pom Shi is heart murmur. This kind of health problem of Pom Shi is an abnormal heart sound. It could be simple, or it could be that the dog is showing signs of a more serious heart attack. Most of them are harmless (Maggie has been living well, heart murmur, we just make sure our monitoring is consistent with the veterinary examination), but all need the veterinary attention. Your veterinarian will be able to hear very clearly if your hairy baby has this Pom Shi health problem.


Epilepsy or idiopathic epilepsy. This kind of health problem of Pom Shi basically refers to recurrent seizures. This kind of Pom Shi’s health problem attack may be one-time, for many reasons, but if this kind of Pom Shi’s health problem attack is repetitive, it is called epilepsy.


Pom Shi most of the health problems of Pom Shi are caused by insufficient food or poor quality. Excessive exercise, even over handling and playing may cause your Pom body to need more sugar than it can get. A young dog will lack energy because of this Pom Shi health problem, and will sleep more than usual. Glucose (sugar) is the energy that the body burns. Without sugar, the dog would be sleepy or lazy. In the case of serious health problems of Pom Shi, the dog may even have seizures. In very serious cases, Pom Shi will fall asleep and die.

Glucose is essential for the function of brain tissues and muscles. The risk of this Pom Shi health problem depends on the severity or severity. Pom Shi’s health problems caused by insufficient food or excessive exercise or excessive handling can be easily remedied. However, if the cause is liver disease, preventing glucose from being stored as glycogen, or intestinal disease interfering with food absorption, hypoglycemia may be chronic or even life-threatening. If your dog is drowsy and tired due to hypoglycemia, you need to supply glucose immediately. Carlo syrup (pure glucose) and honey are excellent sugar choices and should be given immediate advice from your veterinarian.

Pom Shi’s eye problems


Pom Shi has large eyes and shallow sockets. This variety is prone to various eye diseases, not just retinal dysplasia. One of these Pom Shi’s health problems is appendage, a term used to describe tears spilling, which often stains the white fur under the eyes.

Other common health problems of Pom Shi include corneal ulcer, eye infection, cataract and varus. The latter is when one or both eyelids turn inward to the eyeball. As a result, eyelashes constantly rub against the eyeball, causing irritation to the eyes. In severe cases, this health problem of Pom Shi may require surgery. If you notice that your Pom Shi has an abnormal discharge experience or keeps rubbing his eyes, it is recommended that the veterinarian have a physical examination as soon as possible, which is a health problem of Pom Shi.