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Common pekalier health problems

Pekalier is prone to some health problems. Pekalier is generally healthy, but like all varieties, pekalier is prone to some health conditions. Not all pekalier will suffer from these diseases, but if you consider this breed, you must pay attention to them.

If you want to buy a pekalier and find a good keeper, pekalier will show you the health license of your pekalier parents. A health check shows that a dog has been tested and cleared of specific conditions. Among the common health problems of pekalier, you should see hip dysplasia (score general or better), elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and vascular hemophilia health permit from the animal orthopaedic Foundation (OFA), thromboembolism from Auburn University, and health license from Cerf , which proves that pekalier’s eyes are not healthy.


Pekalier disc health

When the health problems of the pekalier disc disease occur, the disc begins to collapse in the spine, bringing the dog along the back and neck of pekalier in great pain. This pekalier health problem can cause the legs and arms to be affected as well.

Pekalier respiratory health problems

Short head airway syndrome is another common health problem of pekalier due to the natural flat face of pekalier. If pekalier has difficulty breathing, veterinarians can perform surgery to improve airflow to improve the health of pekalier.

Pekalier heart health problems

Pekalier is also prone to heart murmurs and syringomyelia health problems. Although heart murmur may be a symptom of another health problem in the heart, syringomyelia is a broad term, in short, a cyst in the spine. However, this is far from benign; without treatment of this pekalier health problem, the dog’s spinal cord worsens, leading to paralysis, muscle stiffness and weakness.

Pekalier cataract health problems

The health problem of pekalier cataract is a kind of lens opacification, which leads to the loss of vision. The dog’s eyes will have a cloudy appearance. The health problems of pekalier cataract usually occur in the elderly and can sometimes be removed by surgery to improve the vision of dogs.

Health problems of pekalier’s cleft palate

Cleft palate is the top of the mouth, separating the nose from the mouth. It consists of two parts, hard and soft. Cleft palate has a bilateral or unilateral cleft, ranging in size from a small hole to a large one. Cleft palate can affect the separation and combination of the hard and soft palate, which may lead to cleft lip due to pekalier’s health problems. Puppies may have health problems with cleft palate at birth or cleft palate due to trauma. The health problems of pekalier cleft palate are quite common, but many pekalier born and cleft palate can not survive or be euthanized. The only way to treat the health problem with pekalier’s cleft palate is to close the hole by surgery, although not all dogs with cleft palate need surgery. It is important to get advice from veterinarians to diagnose and treat pekalier health issues.

Pekalier cryptorchidism health problems

The health problem of pekalier cryptorchidism is a kind of situation where one or two testes of a dog cannot be lowered, and it is common in pekalier. When pekalier is 2 months old, the testicles should be completely lowered. If the testicle is preserved, it is usually nonfunctional and may become cancerous if not removed. The recommended treatment is to castrate your dog. When sterilization occurs, a small incision is made to remove the cryptorchidism; normal testes, if any, are routinely removed.

Pekalier ectopic cilia health problems

Pekalier eyelashes are abnormal health problems, and excess eyelashes grow inside through the eyelids. One or more ectopic cilia may be present in this pekalier health problem. The clinical symptoms of discomfort vary according to the number of abnormal cilia and the thickness of cilia. This abnormal eyelash health problem is especially irritating to the eyes, and it is more likely to cause corneal ulcer. This health problem with pekalier includes the use of antibiotics for corneal ulcers and surgical removal of abnormal follicles. Buy a Pekalier.

Pekalier’s entropion health problems

The defect in this pekalier health problem is usually apparent at 6 months old, which causes the eyelids to roll inward, stimulate or damage the eyeball. One or both eyes will be affected. If your pekalier has a problem with your inverted health, you may notice that pekalier is rubbing his eyes. If pekalier is not grown up in adulthood, this health problem can be corrected by surgery.

Pekalie skin health problems


Health problems of skin infection caused by pekalier skin wrinkles, where friction or moisture is trapped. This health problem is more common in skin wrinkled varieties such as pekalier. The health problems of pekalier plica dermatitis are redness, ulcers and smells, and the tail, face, lips, vulvar folds and any pekalier plica in the body are affected. The treatment of health problems with pekalier fold dermatitis varies depending on the affected area, but in the case of tail fold dermatitis, surgical resection of the fold or amputation of the tail may be included. The treatment for this pekalier health problem can also include local antibiotic ointment. The best treatment is to keep your dog’s fur properly to prevent this.

Health problems of pekalier hydrocephalus

Due to congenital defects, obstruction or perinatal trauma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) accumulates in the brain and causes pressure on the brain. This health problem with pekalier usually occurs in puppies under 18 months and older dogs over 6 years old. If the hydrocephalus is not treated, the dog will die. The treatment of this pekalier’s health problems includes internal and surgical procedures, either to remove obstruction or to insert shunt.

Health problems of pekalier dry keratoconjunctivitis

The health problem with pekalier dry keratoconjunctivitis, or xerophthalmia, is that the eye does not produce enough tears to keep wet. Your vet can do a Schirmer tear test to diagnose dry eye disease, which can be controlled by drugs and special care. This eye health problem requires lifelong treatment and care.

Pekalier progressive retinal atrophy health problems

This is a degenerative eye health problem of pekalier, which eventually leads to blindness of the photoreceptor in the back of the eye. PRA is detected years before any signs of blindness appear in the dog. Fortunately, pekalier can use their other senses to compensate for blindness.